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This is your favorite chica @amobts bringing you another dope TJT Card! I'm going to make this a fanfiction to go along with the series that I already started. You can read the 1st collection here. Let's dive in (Grab you some tea boo!)




I've never been let's say small however, this was my first time being plus size. I got I'll and the medications caused me to gain weight. I was happy that Jimin was by my side the while way there, but this weight gain was too much for me. In the states I was known as "thick" all the curves in the right places. Even though in Korea I still probably seen as bigger if I shaped this way and was not a foreigner. I'm a freelance photography and fashion youtube star. I go back and forth from the states to SK. I was taking pictures in a park nearby when I seen Jimin speed walking and looking scared. He quickly grabbed me and asked me to hide away. I thought this was strange. I wasn't really a Kpop fan, but he looked familiar. I told him to dive into my small compact car. He did so. Suddenly, a flood of girls came running and screaming his name. Se asked if I seen Park Jimin from BTS and I lied. They quickly left. Long story short we have been together since and last year low key we got married in secret and no one knows yet (lol). It was nice being around him and the BTS Squad. Namjoon had a beautiful relationship with a girl from the States and she was plus size and their assistance dancer. I felt bad cuz low key I thanked GOD I was still smaller than her. I know this sounds bad bit who wants to be the biggest girl? Now look at me! I'm like basically her size or maybe 1 size smaller. I know since I've gained weight I have been ignoring Jimin's needs and I know sooner or later he will cheat on me. I always use my illness as an excuse.
I was in the bedroom looking and reading all the hate mail. Idk why I do it but I do it. I even keep the physical hate mail and read it. Jimin knew about the first 3 hate mails, but I lied and told him it stopped. I was crying as a read the evil messages. Fat bitch, fat pig, ugly fat ass, sloppy woman, I bet she smells, kill yourself, stop eating..... The list goes on. The last one I read before I feel into a crying spell was Trying being bulimic and through up your food you nasty fat ass garbage bin Jimin deserves a fit pretty girl. I had all the physical letters spread out around me like flower petals of hatred and the laptop in my lap with my inbox full of hate email. I was crying so hard I think I wasn't even breathing. I could feel my eye makeup dripping. I was so lost that I did not hear Jimin walk in. "Jagi what the hell?" Jimin said while rushing to my side. I couldn't even think straight my eyes were blinded by my tears. Jimin wiped my tears and held me. He begin singing to calm me down. As I came to it I could hear how scared he was. He never seen me like this. Even when the doctors told me if I didn't take my medications I could run the risk of not bring able to be a mother I didn't cry this hard. "I should just die." I whispered "Baby no. Why would you even say that? I love you." Jimin said. "How could you love a fat slob?" I said while staring at the wall. Jimin looked around us and realized there was a bunch of letters. He began picking them up. "What are these jagi?" He asked. I didn't say anything. I just sat there. He began reading them. He picked up another and read them then another. He was getting pissed. He began rapidly ripping them up and trashing them. "Who the fuck would say these evil things? You told me these stoped." He stood and paused while looking at me. He ran his hands through my hair. "Jagi, you told me these stopped." He looked at the laptop and seen my inbox full of hate mail. He pressed delete and sat the lap top on the desk. "Baby I fucking love you no matter what! I don't give a fuck what anyone says. You are beautiful. For better or for worst. You are mine and will be forever. These people want a response they can get a video of us making a baby." His words slapped me back into reality. As I looked up and seen the laptop was recording. Before I could do anything Jimin pounced on me and pressed his lips hard against mine forcing me to open mine. He quickly began tasting my mouth. We feel into a deep kiss and he ripped off my shirt and ripped a huge hole into my light brown leggings. We had intense sex before but I've never seen this monster in him. He flipped off my bra and began sucking on my breasts. It felt so good I haven't let Jimin touch me like this is 6 months. He was making intense sucking noises and rubbing me through my panties. He kissed me all the way down to my womanhood and I placed my hands over it. He gave me a look of irritation. "Baby, the medication might make be dry." I said hoping this excuse would work. "Well, I guess I will have to help you. Just my plan." He said while licking his lips and slapping my hand away. He moved my panties to the side and opened me up with his hands. He grinned. "Jagi I thought this medication would make you dry." Before I could speak he began sucking and licking in my wet numb. I could feel blood pimping to that region quickly. I began moaning as I played with his hair. "You taste so sweet baby." He groaned I look up and see all this was being recorded. Seeing Jimin sucking on me between my legs drove me insane. It was super hot. I pushed up against his face. Jimin pulled away grinning. He knew he was recording this the whole time and now he knew that I knew. He slapped my exposed wet flesh causing me to moan. "Ah you like that?" He slapped my box again. "Tell them who this sweet pussy belongs too." He voice was deep and so sexy like when he speaks in Busan Satoori accent. He bite his lips. "Yours baby! Spank me again." I yelled. "Say my full name." He said while spanking me again. "Park Jimin...Park Jimin." I moaned Jimin quickly plunged two fingers deep inside moving at a rapid speed. I could hear the juices flowing. I was so close to my climax. Then Jimin pulled away. He leaned in and kissed me. I pulled away his pants and under wear. I ran my hand up his member and I could tell he had pre cum. This turned me on even more. He looked me dead in the eye. "Baby ride me. Forget the rest for foreplay." "Baby you sure I might hurt you...and" I say "Do what your husband tells you. Be a good wife." He spanked my ass so hard. I quickly got on top. I slowly placed him at the my entrance and slowly took him inside me. I could feel myself expand and lock onto him. I moaned as he moaned. I slowly moved up and down on him. Jimin looked up at me with those sexy eyes licking his lips. "Why are you being so careful baby?" Jimin said. Before I could answer he jammed so deep into me I squirted all over the place. He ignored it and began pumping below me as he spread me open wide. I thought I was about to die. The bed moved as we made love. "You look so good in screen baby. You feel so good. You wet the seats for your oppa." He groaned in a deep tone. He laid me on my back and pulled my legs over my head. He reached over and moved the laptop and zoomed in. He slapped my enteral with his member teasing me and grinning. He slowly entered me and continued loving me. He was so deep and at this point I couldn't think straight I was on cloud 9 with Jimin. I remember him talking super dirty to me. I was responding in moans and groans. Finally I could feel my self climaxing and Jimin had that look in his eyes as I grabbed his plump butt. Suddenly, I could feel him exploding inside me and this caused me to climax super hard. I thought my eyes were gonna be stuck in the back of my head. He feel on top of me as I wrapped my legs around him. He was breathing hard. "Baby damn. I've messed connecting with you like this. I Love you oppa." I said in his ear. "I love you too baby. Now round two so we can make sure this baby is inside you." He said while kissing me. "This way oppa, this way." I say while bending over on all four. "Ah yes, awesome position. Camera lights action!" Jimin said

Jay Park "Aquaman"

This song fit part of the scene above....

Jimin as your husband video

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