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EXO Sci-Fi
When all the trainees had come through, JongIn leaned back in his chair. He looked at their names. He couldn't believe this was real. He was relieved but afraid of it. As he walked out the door, they were waiting for him. They all looked at one another and instinctively followed Suho out. They walked out of the building, around the corner, and walked until they came to a little cafe. They each took a seat around the table. JongIn looked at all of them as they all looked at him. “In my dreams you were all boys. So it's all true?” Suho spoke first, “You don't remember anything else, life before that?” “No” Jongin answered, “My dreams were always about that place, that room. I never thought about any memories” he tapped the table, “What about the other six? When we were in one room, there were 12 of us.” Suho nodded but looked down, “There's three more, I don't know what happened to the others.” “Who are they?” Kyungsoo had been sitting next to him, “Chen, Lay, and Xiumin. Chen doesn't believe any of this. His family escaped from North Korea, so he thinks it's just dreams from being held captive there. I think his family probably told him that to re-confirm his memories.” “What about, Lay?” “Lay believes, he's very opened minded about it.” Suho said right away, “But Xiumin, he's the oldest of us all, he remembers the most. He usually keeps to himself.” JongIn understood, “Can I meet them?” “Yes, of course. I'll get Lay and Chen” Chanyeol offered, “Xiumin stays in the same dorm as you. He goes by Kim Minseok” “Thank you” JongIn says to him. He looks across the table at Suho, admiring his handsome features, “You're a part of the royal family.” Suho smiled at the thought but nodded. “Do I refer to you as your highness?” They all chuckled quietly. “No. Here, we have no titles.” Suho said sitting back, pointing at JongIn, “Royal bodyguard.” JongIn couldn't help but remember something, more like a feeling. Suho, the last in line from the last royal family, his parents died. Even though his father, JongIn's real father was their protector, he couldn't help them in the end. “I don't remember my parents” Sehun says sadly. Chanyeol rubs his shoulder, “I want to remember my mother. Will you help me? Xiumin won't tell me anything.” JongIn leaned in, taking hold of Sehun’s hand, “I will try.” He looks over at Baek, “What about you?” Baek just shrugs his shoulders. “Baek remembers some things.” Chanyeol answered for him, “He don't like talking about it.” JongIn looked at all of them, “I think, we all have to get together and piece together what we know. Maybe we'll get a better picture then.” Everyone agreed. “Okay, now…. Take me to Xiumin”
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