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So I came across this little scene in Legend of the blue sea and laughed my butt off about it. Honestly I can see this turning into a joke among friends!
I swear this is how a conversation would go with my besties! "Warning! You should not eat your friends!" "Even a nibble is too much" 'oh but if they are covered in chocolate can I?" "No! bad friend bad!" "but chocolate is yummy!" "but hair would make it not so much! and fuzz, no I don't think they would taste could." "did you honestly just think about it that much?" ". . . yes . . . only for a moment! But I didn't!" "You thought of it!" "well if I had a statue of chocolate of myself would you? " ". . . . your not in the statue right? " "no." "then I might, Its a 5 foot chunk of chocolate! I'd take a knife and chop off a couple pieces to eat! " "You would cut me!" "its a chocolate statue! " "So you would eat your friend!" "I'd be doing it the right way though :)" yea I guess we would come to the conclusion that forming a chocolate statue of your friend is the right way to eat them. lol
I wanna watch this so bad but I'm stuck on ep4 because of the vikipass
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but that's just 7 days....after that it's 5 and the show goes till Jan 18th if I read correctly...so for at least 1 month you'd have to pay 5
That sounds like a conversation with my daughter. Though Ang bites, as one of the guys from her German class found out when he started sticking his fingers too close to her mouth (teasing her).
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@JaxomB that's a good turn of events that they became friends. lol plus note no picking on her, they know the outcome. lol
Haha omo this sounds like something use 3 would do...I'm dying...also I loved that part so much I died laughing
This reminds me of conversations in the misfits group lol
Does it really 😂💙😂