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Well couldn't be more excited for Itachis Story Daylight, will be buying Midnight after I finish it soon. Also gotta be stoked that the 3 installation of Seraph of the End lift novel is out. Seems like I've been waiting forever!! Can't forget my love for Fairy Tail and Fairy Girls by Boku as well. Loves of course!! Then the new light novel series I've gotten into Psycome is a thriller for sure!! I had about 10-15 I wanted to buy but I decided I can't read all them at once so I'll wait til next paycheck and get more again haha!! Ohh and my already overflowing bookshelf just got worse, not I'm about 1.2 bookshelves worth all on 1 bookshelf haha!! Maybe that'll be my next buy. Or should be atleast haha. But I'll probably keep playing Jenga with my current shelf until a disaster happens haha!! Anime is Life!! Manga 4Ever!!
is psycome a good read
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sounds like something ill read in the near future cause i also love manga n always looking for a good one n have u read ubel blatt
fairy girls 😶 sounds like a must read... is it good or only for the FT die hards🙋
It's more for big fans, personally. Different artist so different art style. It plays into "filler" spots of the anime/manga original but isn't a must read. I just like FT so had to get it. Any of my fav anime/manga I always buy the side projects. Like all the Naruto stories aren't by Kishimoto sensei they are but other novelists who love his work and Naruto and they were either brought in or what not and created the itachi, Sakura, kakashi, shkiamaru and fufture konoha, gaara & akatsuki stories. Which I'm still waiting on haha. But many big time anime were originally not manga it light novel. Sword art online by Reki Kawahara sensei is a prime example, as well as Re zero: and Another and a lot of others. Manga is amazing but I don't like reading, atleast normally I disliked it badly, but light novels of anime and manga artworks are my passion just as much as the anime and manga itself. I read em and am like I can actually picture the characters and hear their voices c I've either seen it or know how the animation looks or who does their voices haha. But Fairy girls is mostly for the big time fans but has some def ecchi artwork in it haha