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He's been Sailing on the S.S VICTUURI Ship since the beginning!❤

He is SUCH A GOOD FRIEND xD Announcing it to everyone like that! God I can't Stop watching this scene xD

But this made crack up so hard xD

(Look how everyone was like Umm.. Ok Whatever JJ? xD)
XD And then they LEFT *dies of Laughter* Poor JJ Gets no love lol!

(And None For Gretchen Weiners xD)

Best Episode YET!❤

Anime : Yuri!!! On Ice❤

This episode was great! It seemed to go so fast though :(
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@ESwee Omg I know what you mean! I wanted so much more but was actually satisfied with what I got xD
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Pichit: the shipper on deck.❤ I kinda felt bad for JJ though 😂
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