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EXO Sci-Fi
Xiumin's room was on the top floor. JongIn walked up the steps. The closer he came to Xiumin, he started to get this feeling in his gut. It had been the same with the others but not as strong, there was a chilly feel to it. He knocked on the door, there was music playing loud when the door opened. “Can I help you?” Xiumin said. His pretty eyes blinking and then he realized who was standing at the door, “Oh, Kai, it's you. I wondered when you were going to come around. Come in.” “You know me already?” JongIn asked. “Yeah, go ahead and close the door” Xiumin said sitting down on his bed, “I seen you around but you didn't seem to know me so I never bothered you. I figured you didn't remember me.” “It's not that I didn't, I just didn't know what you looked like now but,” JongIn stared at him for a minute, “You do look the same.” Xiumin smiled politely. He offered him a seat. “Have you talked to Suho?” “I have. I met the others, well most of them, and I was thinking we should all get together and get to know one another. Piece together what we know, what we each could remember. He says, you remember the most.” “What I remember, I want to forget.” Xiumin's tone sadden as did his face. “Why?” JongIn asked cautiously but curious and anxious to hear what he knew. Xiumin looked up at him, his eyes were so sad. He took a deep breath and sighed, “Because… I remember leaving our home, I remember traveling across the stars, I remember living happily for a time, I remember watching my best friends die at the hands of those people wanting our powers. I remember my father dying" He got up, clenching his chest where his heart was breaking “Ughhh, I'm sorry. I can't, not right now.” “I understand.” JongIn said. He went to the door, ready to leave, “What about Sehun's parents, his mother.” He turned back to Xiumin. Xiumin squeezed his eyes shut. “I couldn't bring myself to tell him what happened to her.” “Then tell me” “He has her eyes, you know. She was so pretty and so kind. His father was a soldier so he stayed behind to fight. He was born on the way here,” Xiumin laughed a little, “as were you. She died trying to save him.” JongIn felt Xiumins pain. He understood why Xiumin kept to himself, why he kept his distance from the others. He must feel awful knowing what he knows when he looks at them. He tells Xiumin that he will be careful with Sehun. Xiumin nods, “That would be best, Kai”
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I need more eomma 😭😭😭
My phone died, 미안해 ... I'll post the rest soon 🙂