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It's Day 8 of the challenge and today is about who your favorite 13 court guard Squad is. But like TonberryPhantom I'll also add what squad I would most likely be apart of unlike his mine will be different.
Squad 11- jūichibantai The combat division. This is easily my favorite division as everyone in it lives and breathes to fight. They a driven by this need and seek out opponents wherever they can and are the first dispatched to take care of an enemy. As one who constantly fights people in real life this squad just gets me however that's not the squad I'd most likely be apart of.
Squad 13- jūsanbantai The thirteenth division is more likely the one I'd be apart of as squad 11 focuses on pure melee. While I'd love to be out fighting any and everything my particular skillset would be with Kido. I've always thought the Kido used in Bleach was awesome and I would want to know them all and would try to utilize it with a fighting style to make a deadly combination. So my dream to join squad 11 would have to be put entirely on hold :(
So which Squad is your favorite? and which would you most likely be apart of? Feel free to make a card letting me know or leave a comment down below :) Thanks for reading Tagging: @AdamDean @Zeenyte
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my favorite division is the kido corps. we never really got a chance to see them in action except in turn back the penduelem and mentioned in thw rescue rukia arc. captain was tessai lieutenat was hachhi. the kido aspact was always really cool to me. really underutilized. but i guess the. the stealth corp and kido corp arent really squads.
I fully agree the kido corps as well as the stealth corps could have probably had more attention maybe in a filler or something Like we got Kisuke and Soi Fon outta the Stealth corps and Tessai and Hachi from the kido corps. Would been awesome to see what else could been produced from them :3