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The GOT7 community is having a giveaway event right now, the link to the Event info: Thank you @VeronicaArtino for this fun event and to the rest of the GOT7 Mod Team!


My GOT7 bias is also my UB from my UB group. Named Im Jae-Bum who is also known as JB.

The GOT7 Mods:


Dear Jae-Bum, I fell for you when you danced so passionately in Dream High 2 to Taeyang's "I Need A Girl". I kept thinking I wish I was there, I would be your girl if you would have me. I was captivated by you and your sweet face. When you sang, it was like heaven opened up a door for me to enter into your heart. Once I came in, I couldn't leave. I've been stuck in place while being in love with you. Your exactly my type. A handsome guy with a beautiful eye smile, a bright smile and a voice that can make my day just by hearing a little bit of it. It's soothing and clear. I used to be insecure about 2 years ago because of my body although I'm not fat, I'm not skinny either. But I've been sad about my body and didn't like the way I looked. I used to be really tiny, short and cute but once I hit high school I started to feel insecure about myself since no one that I was interested in would ask me out or were already taken. I kept thinking maybe I'm not thin enough, maybe I'm not pretty enough but when I think about how your so sweet, kind and say what matters. It boosted my confidence. When I met you through this screen JB, I became more confident and happy. Yet I'm still waiting for you to notice me. I love how funny and adorable you are. When ever I am having a hard time with family problems I always listen to your beautiful voice which makes me calm down and get through the tough times. I love your temper, it makes you even cuter. >.< The way you scream at a high pitch when you get embarrassed is adorable as well and your two beauty marks above your eye. I love that you can be both sexy and cute. You make my heart flutter with every little thing you do. How could I not fall for you? I wish to one day meet you in person and give you a hug, although I don't know if that will even happen but you can always dream... I will always have hope. Jae-Bum, salanghae! <3 Love, Bianca
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Thank You! 馃槉
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@VeronicaArtino @luna1171 Thank you guys, I just tried to put my heart into the letter. I didn't want to get to deep into my personal life and family because I would've cried making the card, I already teared up writing it. So I would've been a mess. But JB has really helped me through a lot.