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Hello!!! Ah I suppose I'm a few days late for posting this story for Jin's Birthday but seeing as its christmasy I hadn't really wanted to use it for his Birthday! So turned into a regular oneshot for Jin! Hope you all enjoy!!!
It was a white Christmas, cold out but no longer snowing. It was the perfect weather to go on a Christmas walk. Jin invited me to go on it with him tonight , talking about how much fun it would be and it would be a night to remember. Seeing the street now with lights strung up from pole to pole and in the trees. It looked beautiful! Jin wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I cuddled into his side. "This is so pretty! So many lights" I mentioned to him. "Yes, well its the Christmas lights kitten" he said. "Its so crowded here, look carolers" I pointed seeing a group of people with song book in their hands and we could hear them. There was a ton of people standing around them listening to them sing. We joined in and Jin started to sing quietly next to me. I loved hearing his voice. I started to sing as well, joining in on the fun. After several songs we moved on and started a path down the sidewalk looking into windows. "Look at all the Christmas decorations Jinnie. Oh snow flakes" I pointed out.  It was a baker shop that had a fake stove with cookies sitting out on top on a tray and the molds that were used to make them. Snowflake ornaments and paper snowflakes hung from the ceiling down. The next shop had jewelry and ballerina dancers standing around and a nutcracker displayed in the middle. It was a take in the play Nutcacker and looked so cute. I was squealing and pointing. Little kids around us were waving to the people inside and they waved back. The next shop was a bridal shop and there was two women standing in the window wearing wedding dresses and hold bouquets as they waved to people. "Oh my gosh, how fun would it be to dress up and be in a shop display!" I exclaimed looking at Jin. "It looks like fun, like the reverse, getting to look out at everyone as they look in" Jin said. "Heh, so we think their the show and they see us as a show" I laughed. "Kitten your a one woman show with your goofiness" he grinned. "I prefer enthusiastic" I turned to him and said. "Heh, that you are. I always count on your enthusiasm to put a smile on my face" he nodded. "Oh I wish I could have their jobs! Dressing up in a wedding dress and being able to show everyone!" I said leaning Into him. "You would make a beautiful bride" Jin said. "Awe baby! Your so sweet" I said turning to him. Out of the corner of my eye I turned fully to see what was on the other side of the street. "Oh look their handing out hot chocolate and cookies!" I said seeing a stand and a long line behind Jin on the other side of the street. "Is there? Are you feeling cold out here already?" He asked. "No, I'm warm since I was cuddled up to you for a while" I shook my head. "Okay, why don't we finish this side of the street before going over there" he said. "Okay" I said. He took ahold of my hand and we went to the next shop. It looked like a chocolate shop but I was focused on the groups of boys in the window. "Uh Jin" I turned to him. "Yes Y/N?" He had a cheeky smile on his face. I pointed to the six boys. "What are they doing in there?" I asked. "Being a chocolate shop display" Jin answered "Why are they doing that?" I asked. I turned to the guys and they all waved and smiled at us. Namjoon was the one to raise his hand and point at it. The geature confused me even as I waved to them. Then turned to Jin who was down on one knee. I jumped. I jumped back surprised by what he was looking like he was going to do. "Y/N I wanted today to be special for you. I love your reactions when you see something you like, I love your enthusiasm when you are happy, I love the way you always come to me to get cheered up. I love that you cheer me on and that you put a smile on my face. I love you Y/N. Will you become my bride?" He proposed to me. My mouth dropped open, people around us stopped and stared as he spoke. It may have only been momenta but time stood still for a moment then I shut my mouth covering it with my hand and nodded my head. I was holding back squeals. A grin spread across his face as he stood up pulled me to him in a hug. "Yes Jin! Yes yes yes I do!" I cried out as I held onto him. The boys were cheering in the window and we could hear them as they cheered. When the group of boys came out of the shop they wrapped themselves around us in a big group hug. I couldn't believe it. Jin proposed to me, and he had all his friends, his band mates around us. As we all pulled out of the hug I wiped a tear away. I had one crazy question to ask, even as several ran through my head. "Jin baby" I said holding his hand. "Yes?" His eyes sparkled. "Why did you propose in front of a chocolate shop and not the bridal shop?" I asked. He stared. He laughed and the guys laughed.  "The guys wanted to be there when I proposed" he answered. "And they wouldn't let us in the bridal shop so we waited in the chocolate shop next door" Jimin answered. "Ah" I nodded. "Oh I love you all and your goofy selves!" I said and turned to Jin. "And I love you Jinnie" I said wrapping my arms around him again.
Hehe I got inspiration as I did a Christmas walk and wondered how awesome it would be to get proposed to in front of a bridal shop with the live models involved somehow, but I figured if its one of these guys they will have to have the others around but not to close! Thus they were in the window watching from inside!!! Eee I had to give some love to Jin! I hope you all enjoyed this little oneshot! plus the pictures of the live models!
This is so cute! I shall torture my Jin biased friend with this teehee 😜
I love it!❤