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The Xiumin Shake
Ding ding ding ding
Hey! Don't Do That!
His sexy kitty dance, the dance that brings all the girl kittens to his yard. (My mistake, he's wearing a cat suit, not a penguin, sorry sorry)
Xiumin says... Uh, thank you for watching *runs away* They made me do it!!!
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Muwahahahahahahaaaaaa... ew... Hey! stop texting and driving!
8 months ago
When it's only 6:52 am and you've already been killed
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We are Gathered here today to mourn over the loss of my Best friend @P1B2Bear Who's feels were sadly destroyed by Xiumin's Hotness. She will be greatly missed. R.I.P
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I just....I die so much he's so ...unfair *badum tiss rings in background* WHY IS HE SO JUST SJSHSJZHSIUGHHETMM
8 months ago