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Sorry this took so long to post, I've honestly was hoping to have this out sooner... I've been writing this part out for over the last week, I've been sick for the last week so I've only written it small parts. :x I hope you enjoy it though. :)
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader x Hoseok Genre: Angst? Part: 6/? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Hoseoks P.O.V He was thankful for having to two younger boys with him because the entire drive they had been cracking constant jokes and puns at things we had driven past leaving her in stiches, he had laughed along with them but his main focus was the road. He honestly loved to hear her laugh, it was one of the things that had made him fall for her along with her wide eyed smile where her eyes seemed to glisten in the light. He had pulled up to the beach and noticed that it was deserted so it was all just for the four of them. Taehyung and Jungkook both scrambled out of the car and began their usual shenanigans running around and poking fun at each other. "Man how do they have so much energy?" (Y/N) asked when she had gotten out of the car. "Hmmm like this!" He said as he picked her putting her over his shoulder and ran towards the other boys hollering at them "Make way!" She had been laughing the entire time and shouting at him to let her down. "Tae! Kookie! Save me he's trying to kidnap me!" She shouted playfully at the other boys who had started to chase after them. He just let out a stifled laugh trying to sound mischievous as he ran. After several more minutes of running he decided to put her on the ground to catch his breath. "That was so mean." She said laughing as the other two boys caught up with them. He looked into her eyes quickly and saw that they had a happy glint to them which gave him a wide smile. "I don't care if it's fall or not it's still just so pretty out here." (Y/N) said and he just nodded in agreement. (Y/N) turned and started to walk towards the shore and he slowly followed behind her. He saw her smile at the water and then saw that very smile slightly waver. He now stood next to her and placed his hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner. Taehyung's P.O.V The night before after Hoseok and Namjoon had gotten into there fight he heard Hoseok tell Jin that he wanted to talk to him alone as he was leaving the front room. He quietly followed the boys upstairs and listened into what Hoseok wanted to talk to Jin about through the door. He heard him say he had kissed (Y/N) and that he thought she had kissed him back for a moment. Hearing this he smiled and quietly walked away off to find Jungkook. Taehyung had always thought the two of them should have been together. They both had been so oblivious to one another's signs of interest that it had been entertaining but frustrating at the same time. By the time he was going to tell Hoseok to go after (Y/N) he noticed that she had slowly stoped trying drop hints and shortly after she was with Namjoon.  At first he didn't like the though of them together but he was happy that (Y/N) was happy and Hoseok seemed to be ok with it as well but he noticed that Hoseok always had a slight glint of sadness in his eyes when ever he looked at or talked about (Y/N). He desperately wanted to feel bad for what was seeming to be stabbing Namjoon in the back by trying to get them together but have what Namjoon said about (Y/N) he no longer felt any remorse for it. He told Jungkook about what Hoseok had told Jin and together the devised a plan that they would ask Hoseok if he wanted to hang out with them that day and if he wanted to have (Y/N) hang out with them as well, they then would watch how they acted around each other and listen in to what they quietly told each other. He knew for this to work him and Jungkook had to act like they were goofing around and paying them no attention.  Unsurprisingly to him Hoseok had said yes. He had a feeling Hoseok didn't want to hang out with (Y/N) alone after last night. Them being at the beach was the best idea he had had, he was thankful that no one other then them had been there so it was quiet all around them. He was running around with Jungkook not to far from the two of then and watched Hoseok put his hand on (Y/N) shoulder. He watched as she turned towards him and pulled him into a tight embrace and quietly told him "Thank you so much for being here for me, I know I've said it what feels like a thousand times the last couple of days, but I really mean it. Without you I don't know what I'd do or how I could handle this" as he listened he hear sadness in (Y/N) voice and let of a small frown. "You don't have to thank you, I'll always be there for you thick and thin. Me doing this is nothing compared to anything you've done for me." He heard Hoseok respond and saw him tighten his embrace around her not seeming to want to let go. (Y/N) buried her face into Hoseoks face at his hold tightening. He smiled to himself and thought they looked perfect together. He and Jungkook just kept running around and goofing of together, (Y/N) and Hoseok held onto each other for what felt quite a long while.  Once they separated he heard Hoseok ask "You feeling any better today?" She nodded in response "I do want to ask you a favor though, I want to to be there... No I need you to be there when I break up with Namjoon." She said quietly. He noticed Hoseok tense slightly but quickly release as he nodded "Of course I'll be there for you, when are you thinking about doing it?" He asked "If possible I was thinking tonight when we get back, the sooner I do this the better, I can't wait any long and if I do I know I won't be able to find the courage to do it." She replied "Okay it's a plan, before we leave I'll text Jin and ask him Namjoon's home and let him know the plan." He quickly responded to her. At this she pulled him into another tight hug. When she pulled away from him she said "Thank you, now let's try cheering up the mood so the younger ones don't get worried." At this Taehyung had a wide smile at the same time he just managed to avoid Jungkook trying to tackle him. Taehyung looked over at him and started to laugh. Both Hoseok and (Y/N) walked over trying to figure out what happened and shrugged. "Oh I have an idea! (Y/N) said thinking out loud. "Tag your it." She said tapping Hoseok as she started to run off. "Oh no you don't." Hoseok said running after her. Once Hoseok caught up to her and tagged her she ran towards him and Jungkook who was still laying on the ground. She reached down tagging Jungkook and took off again running. Instead of Jungkook getting up at first he reached out towards him but he dodged and took off running. Jungkook was now chasing after him. They continued chasing and tagging each other for the next couple of hours. Eventually  (Y/N) slowed down to catch her breath "Guys I'm starting to get tired." She said between breaths. "Do you want to head home then?" I asked as I stopped running. Hoseok and Jungkook followed suit and looked at her for confirmation. "I don't know, it's so nice out here but then again it is getting dark and a little chilly." She said. "Okay kids lets head home then." Hoseok quickly responded and pulled out his phone to text who Taehyung assumed was Jin remembering his and (Y/N) conversation earlier. Jungkook had already started walking towards the car so he jogged to catch up to him leaving Hoseok and (Y/N) not to far behind them. Once at the car they all got in and started the drive home. The drive was rowdy at first with both him and Jungkook joking and playfully bantering. Eventually they had mellowed out when a good hour into the drive. Taehyung had thought (Y/N) had fallen asleep because she had leaned her head against the window and was inhaling deeply and peacefully. Jungkook and himself were now talking to one another quietly in the backseat as they drove.
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omo Tae is so cute!!! and hobi is there comforting her. ooo now I curious how the break up will go. 😂 idk if that's good or not but itll def be a scene. lol
Yeah I still have no idea how the break up is going to go... I definitely know that it's not going to end well though. Well most of it depends on Namjoons actions and the reactions of Hobi and maybe the other guys as well. 😅😅
Okay....waiting to see the break up. I'm sure Tae, Kookie, and Jin will stand behind Hobie
Haha yeah, I'd say it's not my most well written part of the story so far writing in different p.o.vs doesn't seem to be my strong suite... I blame sick brain for some of it though. 😅😅