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Ch.18 Title: Telling Kiyong pov. This bitch back into his life again *chuckle* we'll see about that.... Daeyong pov. HI: Oppa can you please get me some snacks? "What kind?" HI: doesn't matter as long as it's sweet and salty. "Okay" I headed out the door and got into my car. I drove off to a grocery market and grabbed a pack of pretzels and Swedish fish and more candy. I walked up to the cashier and paid for my stuff. I walked out of the store and saw some one's was kiyong. I watched her go into the store. "She's Pregnant? If she is who's the father?" It couldn't been jimin because jimin not that type of person unless he really loves you. But anyways I got into the car and drove home. Hi: jagi your home? "Yeah I got your snacks" Hi: thank you. But get your ass over here and sit with me! "Okay women damn." ~2 years later~ Sunlee pov. "Sunlee-ah I'm gonna bring jae to bed he fell asleep on the couch" SL: okay ~11:30pm~ It was late Jimin and I were on our bed talking. JM: Sunlee? "Neh" Jm: what do you think is gonna happen in the future? "I don't know maybe we'll have another child since jae already 3. I really want jae to have a sibling. Even though he has Yongbin but I still want him to have a sibling." Jm: hm... maybe We sat there and talked for a while but I started to get tired. "Oppa I'm tired I'm going to sleep now okay" Jm: okay I walked to me and jimin room and I went to sleep. Jimin pov. I cant believe sunlee called me oppa. I sat there and giggled until I got a call. ~ring ring~ "Hello" Person: Hello is this Park Jimin? "Yes this is who are you?" Person: This is the military base from Seoul and you were signed that you will be in the military. "Oh okay" Person: one of our soldiers will pick up you and other people. "When will you pick us up?" Person: In a month "Oh okay is that all the information you have to tell me?" Person: yes for now anyways until you get to the base. "oh okay thanks for letting me know" Person: No problem ~ends call~ Why did I get signed? Who's all coming with me? "How am I supposed to tell sunlee?" Daeyong pov. "Really I'm going into the military" HI: did you say something hun? "No" HI: oh okay "I'm going to go check on Yongbin okay" Hi: okay I walked into yong room and saw him a sleep peacefully. I smiled and then walked out into the living room. I sat down on the couch and started to watch TV. HI: oppa I'm going to go wash up and go to bed okay. "Okay" I could hear hyoin footsteps enter the bathroom and then shut the door. Maybe I should tell hyoin tomorrow about the military? But i got tired and turned off the tv and went to bed. Kiyong pov. HyeYong: Eomma! "Neh" HyeYong: wgen am i going to go meet appa? "I dont know sweetie" I told hyeyong that her father jimin is working so he cant see us that much. Even though jimin not hyeyong father. The father is Choi Minho. Minho and I were in a realationship when i drugged jimin a couple of years ago. Yeah i love jimin and i still do but I only used minho for money. But me and minho got into a fight and broke up. That was the same day jimin broke up with me. I still haven't told minho about this child. Maybe I should let go of jimin. I mean jimin doesn't care for me. Maybe I should tell HyeYong that jimin isnt her father abd minho is? Sunlee pov. It was 3am i felt jimin arms around my waist. I looked down at his hand and sees our wedding ring. Man I cant believe I married this man twice and i still hate his snores. I looked at the door and saw Jae enter the room. Jae: eomma can u sleep with you and appa I had a bad dream. " Yeah sure" I lifted jae up on the bed and jae told me his dream. Jae: In my dream the cookie monster ate all my cookies and then he only save me half a cookie. "Its okay maybe you ate too much cookies." Jae: eomma can I bring one of my friend home. '"Yeah sure did they ask there parents yet?" Jae: Yeah "Okay well  you should go to sleep it's late and you have school tomorrow.'  Jae: Okay. As jae fell asleep i looked over towards jimin and saw him awake staring at me smiling. "You should be sleeping" Jm: no you need to be "I will" Sehun pov. So sunlee introduce her friend Justine to me. Well threw Skype anyways. We have a lot of things in common. I have to stay that she's my type. I mean she has a innocent face, round eyes, pale skin, and she can dress well. I told her I like her and she likes me too. So what does that mean? Should I ask her out? But I can't... I have to go too..... XM: hun it's time to go. "Okay" A/n Sorry for the late update but hope you enjoy this chapter. This chapter short but there's more to come..... 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