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Here's a photo of the Master's Sun shooting a scene for episode 14 and if I'm not mistaken Cha Hanna is....in the same car with JW?! What? What do you think is suppose to happen on this scene?
i saw the preview...im so glad we have moments together and i know how they are notorious for putting disjointed conversation together...but i really dont like the foreshadowing...well atleast its wednesday....thats one piece of good news...oh yea we also get two episodes this week...YEA!!!!
;A; it's all to complicated
lol.. just like in who are you? the girl lost her ability at the end but teacyeon had his. ..lol
i think that they might have a reason o be together..she is supposed to work at the mall for some sort of exhibit....also i wouldnt be surprised if Auntie put her int he car...but i think she will deny knowing him or being Tae Yang but JW will probably keep meeting her....i have been thinking...i wonder if they ever will talk about her accident...i suspect some big incident will take place and then she will lose her anility to see spirits...so much speculation...my brain hurts
i bet he's gonna keep on meeting taeyang again and again... finding reason just to meet her...lol... i'm guessing the amnesia thing will still be on ep 14.. IDK... lol
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