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Starring Ivy Chen and Siwon and Donghae from Super Junior. The funniest Taiwanese Drama I've seen to date and one of extremely few excellently done Manga/Anime to LiveAction productions.
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I already watched the anime......wish there was a second season (T_T)
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Me too! I heard that the Taiwanese drama is suppose to have a second season, but that's a rumor spreading around so I'm not sure if there really is going to be one no officials has said so at least...sigh.
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Oh no, no, no. I've watched a few anime based drama and I'm never happy with them. Skip Beat is one of my favorite shoujo mangas. please don't ruin the image for me.
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I felt like I needed more at the end of the drama 馃槩
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i wish they continue the drama and make it longer (season 2???)
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