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Days 3-9?!?! Oh my gosh I got so behind on this challenge 😮 here I go!
Day 3: any other biases?....mMmMMmm I don't think so I'm very loyal to Minsu✌🏻️ever since the beginning. Jaehyun on the other hand wasn't my first but he is certainly my one and only now!! No doubt about it 😃💕
Day 4: Let's see welp I discovered Boys Republic because my sister @HeichousRegalia introduced them to me and I've been hooked ever since! NCT I knew from the beginning of its formation.
Day 5: Get Down The Real One Dress Up
Day 6: (no not the band Day6 😂 jk I'm sorry) The Seventh Sense Fire Truck Wake Up
Day 7: the song that got me into Boys Republic was Get Down, they had me at na nana nana nana nana 😆 I mean look at this thumbnail if that doesn't draw you in, the awesome talent will!
Day 8: the Seventh Sense is my religion I kid you not, Ten has so much flow in this dance and Jaehyun and Doyoung's vocals are angelic, the rap line slaying my life. They got me choking on my rice and on a long ass ride I don't think I could ever leave this fandom.
Day 9: my favorite Boys Republic video is Dress Up because of the song lyrics and it's aesthetically pleasing to me. It's the whole package! Also Minsu with purple hair is perfection👌🏻 Seven Senses Mod Squad: @MelissaGarza @AimeeH @DalyRomero @KaiLuhan4ever @PrincessUnicorn @JohnEvans @twistedPuppy @JordanShuler Royal Squad: @MelissaGarza - moderator @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t @jjrockstar @JordanShuler
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Awesome job on catching up ☺
Thanks! 😃