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Oga Tatsumi and Baby Beel馃槅
I swear He one of the Best Father's/Father Figures in Anime I can't get over how awesome Beelzebub is @AimeBolanos @trustfundkid @AlexCattura @NeckoNecko @SimplyAwkward @hikaymm @Captpeter @NessaB #OgaTatsumi #BabyBeel #FatherandSon #Beelzebub
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I feel like i need to give this anime a try...
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Okay then! Sounds like my cup of tea. How many eps is the whole series?
10 months ago
@JessSenpai its extremely funny i recommend it
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I love this anime so much <3 it's hilarious xD
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this is one I need to rewatch although I stopped right around episode 30 to 40 I really can't remember
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love this show!!! the manga is so amazing too! I recommend it
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