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This is a problem 😭😭😠😠
This is a problem please send help please be in mind of the tags I didn't know what to put it as
It's kissanime.io not .to
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Io is a different location entirely with a web copy to kissanime. So the videos aren't working from that domain so it's goin to be that the main service kissanime is currently fixing some issues. I feel the pain along with everybody. Like my buddy said at the gym, nahh this doesn't hurt what hurts is when kissanime is down haha. Gogoanime it is for now. Thankfully I'm biting Gintama so it all works the same for me!! For me and all my NAKAMA and the kiss team, I hope kiss is back up soon!! I believe!!
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So I'm not the only one?
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@kell13 no your not the only one
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