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안녕하세요 my Loverlys!! KPopBeat here with a little short for this contest ...
Since Mark is still reigning UB on my idol list I couldn't help but participate.
I hope you all enjoy this sweet little number!
My heart hurt as if someone had squeezed it tightly in their rough palm. The feeling leaving me breathless and gasping for air. My head spun with each passing moment causing me to feel dizzy and fevered. Who was I to say such words? How could I bring myself to say such things to someone not only younger than me but loved by many? I took a shaky breath feeling my body tremble as I tried to avoid his gaze. Those endless pools of sweet chocolate brown that stared at me curiously. If I looked up there was no telling how much further I would fall. Would he smile at me with that bright and addicting smile? Would I be able to smile back?
“Noona?” No! No don’t call to me.. I just need a moment. A moment to talk myself either into my confession or into saying something silly as a defense to back out. Maybe I should back out. What if he didn’t feel the same? What if he thought I was a strange Noona and wouldn’t talk to me anymore?
I almost laughed at my own behavior. I am Jojo! The sassy sarcastic and non-emotionally attached! How could I fall prey to such feelings? How could I let myself even begin to let down that wall I had built so high? That one that people didn’t realize protected me from feelings such as these? How had one bright smile penetrated such a strong barricade? How had this one-man push passed all of my defenses and found my cold and dark heart. How did he make it beat so fast I could swear it would jump out of my chest? Was he an enchanter? Had he cast some kind of spell on my poor unsuspecting heart?
No, this was my own fault. I had let that wall crumble pebble after pebble as he would talk to me, that sweet tenor like music to my ears, and when he would dance never once skipping a beat. How had I let myself fall so far? How could I let myself harbor such feelings towards someone who only saw me as a Noona?
Yes, it was only right to back out. There was no way to justify my feelings. No way to claim I had any right to shake up our relationship. I should stay just as a Noona… someone who watches and admires from a far. Someone who is capable of holding in their feelings just to see him happy. Yes, that is how it should be.
A deep shaky breath filled my lungs as I looked up to face him, Mark Tuan. The person responsible for my mighty downfall. The worried expression on his face as he gazed at me only helped in making me feel worse. Don’t worry about me, don’t look at me in such a way. It will only crush my resolve. Don’t smile at me making my heart flutter to life like a million butterflies, don’t speak to me with your melodic voice that captured my heart with just one simple word. Don’t show you care… you are far too sweet for someone as broken as I.
“Sorry.” I finally responded my smile never reaching my eyes. “I forgot what I was going to say.” A lie… yes a lie, but so much better than the truth. So much better than exposing my feelings and letting him know the way I see him. Silence, yes silence was the key. I let my eyes wander back to the pale gray concrete around my feet. “Sorry.” I said meekly.
“Noona.” He was calling to me. It was no longer a question but more of a plea. My heart skipped a beat and I fought the urge to react.
Stay calm Jojo… don’t react. Just smile back as you always do, there is no reason to act any differently than normal. No reason to change things at all. I looked up begging my heart to stay quiet and not to betray me. “Yes?” Even to my own ears my voice was weak and pathetic.
“I like you.”
My heart dropped and my knees almost gave out as well. I must have heard wrong. I must have made something bazar up in my head. “What?”
Mark laughed and that deadly smile shined brightly back at me. “That is what you wanted to tell me isn’t it?”
How had he known? Was I that obvious? Had I failed at hiding my feelings all along? “ did you know?”
Another sweet rumble of laughter filled his chest as he moved to lean in closer to me. His breath hot against my ear. “Because I like you too.”
Aww so sweet he is! Love this guy to pieces!
Well I hope you all enjoyed this little short. Thank you for taking the time to read my story!
Until Next Time my Loverlys!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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