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This is my first ever BTS Fan Fiction. I hope this would be a success and receive lots of love Please do comment if you have any suggestions, requests, or reactions ☺ Here I goooo
[ Taehyung's POV ] "Hyung," I called out to Namjoon. "Have you seen a red pen on my desk? It has a letter Y carved into its cap." "I didn't, but you should ask Jimin. I saw him get out of your room a while ago." he responded. I was frustrated with the thought that he just got it without my permission. I walked towards Jimin's room down the hall to ask him about it, but he bumped into me while I was on my way. "Oh. Taehyung-ah. I was about to-" I cut him off as I grabbed the pen off his hand "Next time, ask for my permission if you'd like to borrow my stuff," I told him with a cold and deep voice and I walked away after that. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? IT'S JUST A PEN." I heard him scream just before I slammed my door shut. He knows nothing. He knows nothing about this pen. It's the only reminder I have left that 'we' ever existed.