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The Wings Tour in US Ticket Schedule
For those that are still confused as to what time tickets go on sale in your time zone, we have created a graphic that will help! Please note that this schedule we designed is for information purposes only. BTS Kookie Monster is not affiliated with Powerhouse or BigHit.
Hope this helps!
*Images used in this graphic belong to their respective copyright holders.
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ehhhhhh still waiting for them to announce more locations=(
9 months ago·Reply
9 months ago
Are they trying to break me!!?? GOT7 in January in DC and BTS in March in Newark!!! My wallet will not be able to take this!!!
9 months ago·Reply
I KNOW!! This kpop life requires a part time gig to fund it. lol!
9 months ago
Does anyone know about how much tickets are?
9 months ago·Reply
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Thank you sooooo much!! I have been looking everywhere for the prices
9 months ago
Why so soon?! why are they selling tickets in December, for a concert that's in March?! I'm Broke AF right now😭 *begs parents for money*
9 months ago·Reply
I know exactly what you mean!!!
9 months ago
we sadly had to face the reaper and admit we aren't attending either one :( due to holidays and travel plans
9 months ago·Reply