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[ Taehyung's POV ] I always kept mum about my problems. I never wanted anyone to carry the burden of listening to my problems and finding a solution to it, not unless it was too much for me to bear that I needed a shoulder to cry on. It has been 8 months since we debuted, and I thought it was a good distraction for me to hangout and practice with the other members. We share everything with each other - struggles, happiness, jokes, food, even our underwear. Disgusting and unhygienic, yes, but can you blame us? We live under one roof. We're practically married to each other. Yuck. Anyway, in those 8 months, never have I ever step foot on Daegu again. Just thinking about going home makes me feel sick. I miss my family but all those painful memories come rushing through my mind whenever I think of home. "V." I opened my eyes to see the sunset in front me as Hobi-hyung patted my shoulder. "Is everything okay? I've been calling your name. You've been holding onto that for quite a while now, and I fear it'd break if you'd grasp it like that." I looked at the red pen on my hand, then at my hand which turned pale from my tight grasp. I relaxed my hand and asked Hobi-hyung, "Do you think she would come meet me and take this back from me? or she'll use it to stab me at the back again, but this time literally?" I laughed at myself. He just patted me again by the shoulder and ruffled my hair like some kid, "I'm sure she had a reason. Stop overthinking about it, the closer her arrival date is, the more you're getting worse. 5 more months and you'll finally see her again. Remember, you got all the right. Come down in 10mins for dinner." he then left me with that last sentence. I closed my eyes and felt the cold air brush my cheeks. It was exactly a year since Hobi-hyung found me here at our dorm's rooftop- kneeling, crying my heart out over my bestfriend who chose to ran away from her home without a single word, leaving me with a bad reputation at my own household and this fucking red pen at our doorstep. --- I'd be updating this maybe as soon as I wake up. Lol. Please do comment your suggestions, requests, and reactions anytime. ☺☺