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okay so I can't sleep so might as weel update the 2nd part now. lol ---- [ Yanna's POV ] -1 yr ago- "Straighten your back!" *whip* I winced at the pain but immediately did what I was told. 'Where is he? He told me he'd come back. Has he forgotten about me? UGH YANNA. Stop it. TRUST HIM.' I kept my thoughts to myself as my mother kept a keen eye on me. "Didn't I tell you to stop looking for him?! You dare disobey me one more time, Yanna. I swear you'll experience something worse!" she stormed out of the room and locked me up. "This is hell anyway, what 'something worse' is she talking about." I laughed as I stood up with wobbling knees and strip myself off of my clothes and faced my back towards the full length mirror of my closet. "One, Two, Three, aaaand Four, but I hope this one won't stay." I counted all the bruises I have on my back from all the whips I received for the past year. My mom started getting aggressive when my father left us a year back. She hated him so much, and as I looked a lot like my father, she vented out her anger towards me. She started beating me up, whipping me, and have me starve for days. When she knew I was friends with a guy a few blocks away, that's when she started to lock me up and never made me go outside again. I stared at my back for a few minutes and noticed 2 of my moles on my left shoulder. I started to tear up and laugh "I wonder how that elephant is doing." I told myself as I reminisced about that idiot, and it gave me an idea. A stupid one but I know it'll be worth it. I clothed myself into my leggings, a fitted shirt, a hoodie, and sneakers then threw my dress with blood stain on its back. I went back to my closet and got 2 pairs of clothes and a few snacks and placed it on my backpack. I'm tired of all the beating in this house and I won't stay to get more. I waited for night to come when I was sure my mother is fast asleep. I wrote a letter for her and placed it on my desk before slowly dropping my pillows outside through the window and my bed mattress so I could jump from our 2 storey high house safely. I started to climb out the window and count "One, two..." before I could finish counting, my mother opened the door to my room "YANNA WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET BACK FROM HERE" "Three. Bye mom." I finished as I jumped. Thank you lord for my intelligence. I started to run as I looked back at our house. "I know it's a jungle out there and in here when I'll be gone, but at least I'll get to see that dumb elephant on his arm again." I smiled and laughed like a lunatic when I noticed a pen on my hand instead of my handy flashlight. --- is it quite lengthy??? omg I'm not sure since this is my first time doing a fan fiction! sorry if it sucks :((( please let me know suggestions, requests, and reactions in the comments section below. thank you!!!!