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Yixing doesn't give a shit about Baekhyun anymore. He's done with him!!!

Yeah, bacon oppa needs to stop first it was him touching Hyuk and Ravi and now its lay, and of course the little ho doesn't care lol jk jk don't attack me
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lmfao I adore this so much first he dances Yixing's dance from What you need now he's playing with the hole in his pants. Baekhyun is me right now
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baek pervert/thirst moment #263788
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Baekhyun is bored... oh look a hole let see is we can make it bigger and oops half a thigh is exposed. Lay reaction.... oh look a hole was it that big before...? oh well.. don't remember..? don't care..
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yall baekhyun cheating on my boi chanyeol
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