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Happy Black Widow Friday Everyone~

Today we will be going over some Hyungwon facts. You ready?

Hyungwon Facts:


▪Parents ▪Older Sister - Hyewon ('90/'91) ▪Younger Brother - Kyungwon ('95/'96)



Born before Seollal (Lunar New Year)

▪Considered as '93 line, even though he technically was born in 1994.

Wanted to become a lawyer when he was very young.

Always played soccer when he was younger

Quiet 4D Personality

Relaxed and easy-going person who knows how to enjoy life.

Ideal Type

▪Non Celebrity (article) ▪"The one who understands the situation right, who doesn't have many unreasonable wishes, intelligent. First impression, the feeling, is more important than the appearance. The impression that can't really be expressed with words, you just feel it." (magazine interview)

What Hyungwon would do as a special surprise for girlfriend?

"I am a man who would want to give anything to a woman I love. My parents have a tour agency, so I love travelling since childhood. I would secretly arrange everything, pack all necessary things for us and go with her on a surprise trip as a gift, I think it would be the best." (magazine article)

What kind of Boyfriend Hyungwon would be?

"I would want to be someone who would embrace her and protect from everything. In my arms I hope she can feel comfortable and secure. My shoulders are wide enough, I hope she can feel at ease with me." (magazine article)

Song he would sing to girlfriend

▪"Hold Me Tight" by Loco

Most Confident Part of Face


Afraid of everything with more than 8 legs.

Likes Folk Music Singers:

▪Jack Johnson, John Legend

Months ago said his favorite song was "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey

Song Recommendation:

Now We Know Why - Son Hyunwoo (Shownu)

Most sleepy one in the group. Hard to wake him up.

Can't cook to save his life.

Favorite Food

▪Pork Barbecue ▪Sashimi ▪Salted Fried Giant Shrimp (Does not like spicy foods)

More Facts

▪Special Skill: Mantis Dance ▪According to Minhyuk, Hyungwon would be the last member to get married ▪Languages: currently knows Korean (of course), Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese but wants to learn more languages. ▪Couldn't do aegyo before but learned from the other members.

That was all for Hyungwon Facts! Please stay tuned for tomorrow Minhyuk Facts and Sunday I.M Facts!

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