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These are the things I found new, cool, exciting and HOT on oppa's upcoming drama, Heirs. ^^ I was really amazed that all of these will be in one drama only. He's really perfect, as you can see he can do anything!!!! He even knows how to skateboard... it's really hard to learn that but he learn it without any injuries. Wow! Hands down to you oppa, you're really great in all aspects. I edited these pics because I saw the other side of LMH. :) LMH - driver, gymnast, runner, surfer hottie, long legged hottie, skater boy, volleyball hottie, an umbrella man(cause he's using that umbrella always in their shoot HAHA.. how lucky that umbrella is!), and push ups to be fit. More power to all casts, staffs and crew of Heirs! looking forward for your great success! credits to photo owners
he was a perfect guy .
@suranimh yes! HAHA Oppa is really the best! Your welcome
@theroyaljulia more so minho a absolute pro in whatever he does; thanks for letting us inside minho being a hot driver, runner, surfer, a skater, in volleyball even the umbrella guy but best, the push up...n allowing the lucky girl on his innovative minho can be!!
yes unni.. not only in dramas, but LMH himself is perfect! :")
thats y his perfect....