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I edited SP1. instead of 2 months for Yanna's arrival, I changed it to 5 months. sorry for multiple edits --- [ J-Hope's POV ] 'Where's that kid?? He just came back from home and now he's missing again.' I told myself while looking everywhere for Taehyung. I was climbing the stairs towards the rooftop when I heard a thud. "Aaaah! Jinja!! Taehyung-ah why didn't -" I shut my mouth and ran over to him as soon as I opened the door and saw him kneeling on the ground. "Are you okay?? V! Answer me!" I grabbed both sides of his shoulders. "H-Hyung. Eomma. Appa. They asked me to leave and never come back. I wasn't with anyone. I stayed here all this time, right?" I couldn't understand what he was saying because of his intense crying "Hyung's here. Calm down and talk to me properly. Tell me what happened." He soon became calmer and told the story. "I went home and suddenly got slapped by Eomma. I asked her what it was for before I got slapped again by another woman. She was crying and told me she was there for Yanna. She claimed I had abused Yanna and forced her to sleep with me! Of course I defended myself!! But she showed us a picture of Yanna with a lot of scars and wounds and claimed I caused it!" "Who is Yanna??? Did your parents believe her?!" "Yes! They threw me out of the house and told me to never come back! I can't believe this! How could Yanna do this to me? She's my bestfriend! I lov- UGH FUCK!!! It fucking hurts Hyung!" "It was raining heavily and when I stayed outside, I stepped on something causing me to slip and saw this at our doorstep." V showed me a red pen "I gave this to her 4 yrs ago. Why would she leave this at out doorstep after what she did?!" Taehyung cried so much and I held him until he stopped and when I looked at him he was asleep with swollen eyes. I carried him on my back and laid him down on his bed. I left his room after tucking him in. I never want to see him cry like that ever again. I am so mad that I had to see one of my dearest friends in that state. How could anyone be so cruel? --- The next morning I woke up early and went to Taehyung's room only to find his bed empty and a note on his pillow saying, "Hyung, don't tell the others. I'll fix this." --- [ Taehyung's POV ] "Yanna! Yanna!! Open the door! Talk to me!" I kept shouting. I was outside their house begging for her to explain. The door opened after a few more loud knocking "What is a filthy boy like you doing on our doorstep?" Yanna's mom said "I want to talk to Yanna. Please let me in and talk to her." "She doesn't want to see you. Can't you get a hint? SHE HATES YOU. She said you're good for nothing and rot for your sins. Don't you ever come back here again or I'll tell your parents." she slammed the door shut, and just like that I fell on my knees again.