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they kinda look alike... whenever i see nam goong min in a drama.. i always think of uri yonghwa... both look gorgeous...^^
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@nylamrehs lol he might have but then what abt park si hoo oppa he had to leave for him 2 jump in lol he is the main guy if he had never left then moon geun yung unnie wd have never gotten over him bcs she was just soooo faithful and the show wd have never been the way it supppose 2 be lols
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that's why his character was portrayed as such.. for the 2 leads to fall with each other instead...
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@nylamrehs i agree but i completely love him :) his acting was just really amazing
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yeah... i love him too... and i love his acting and his voice... very manly... and he looks like an oder version of yonghwa... i love that guy too...lol
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@nylamrehs u r sooo right about dat :) <3
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