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I uploaded the wrong draft a while ago. this should be the right Chap 4. I apologize for those who have read it already. -- [ Yanna's POV ] "I'm finally here. BigHit entertainment" it took me more than a day to come here cause I lacked money for transportation so I basically had to walk the rest of the way and ask favors for people to lead me. I was ready to walk through the glass doors, until I saw a bit of my reflection. I looked like trash. I figured I might as well change at the back of the building since it was already evening, hopefully no one would see me. As I finished changing, the backdoor suddenly opened so I hid instinctively behind the trashbins. 'Great, I don't look trashy but I wil smell like one now' I was about to leave when a guy talked, "I hate her, Hyung." the voice sounded familiar. "Why don't you go back some other time and maybe she'll want to see you by that time?" "No. Why the hell would I want to see Yanna's face again? And this thing?" 'Yanna?' I said internally. then the guy threw something at the bin but it bounced off and hit my head. I had to stop myself from screaming loudly but a soft "Ouch" came out from my mouth. "What was that?" "Maybe a rat." "Why would a mouse say Ouch?" "Hyung, you speak their language now? Ugh. Are you high? Well, that's where it belongs. That pen is nothing but trash to me now." the guy continued and I heard stomping and the door behind me closed. I stood up and looked at where the thing he threw bounced off to. I walked towards it and picked it up. I just had to make sure. Next thing I knew, I felt something warm flowing down my cheeks. "I knew it wasn't a rat. Who are you and what are you doing here?" the guy asked. "Yanna?!" Taehyung said with a deep but loud voice. "Tae-" I couldn't finish saying his name as I ran away from being hurt and seen by him crying. "Yanna!! Wait!! Hyung cover for me from Rapmon hyung okay?" Taehyung was running behind me and catching up to me. My eyes were blurry and I kept running faster until I heard a loud screech and Taehyung shouting my name. --- I might change the story title for the next chapters. I'd change the Intro and Chap 1-4 later.