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Jimin’s POV
“Thank you ill make sure to bring it back.” With that said she bow and walked back towards another man. He patted her head and grabbed her chin. I don’t know why I was so irritated I wanted to pull his hand off her face.
But I just stood there watching her walk away.
I walked outside and pulled out a cigarette, thank god I brought some matches too. I know I have never seen her before but I have such a strong feeling to protect her but why?
Ivy’s POV
I laid there on my mother’s lap while she held me from above I could feel her tears falling on my head. When she finally was able to come to realize that this wasn’t a dream she finally got off me and held my face in her hands she just started into my eyes and smiled so big and more tears came. I held her hugged her for what felt like forever this embrace is what I was missing what I craved so badly.
My mother was finally here in my arms.
Until one of my aunts came and pulled me from her arms and was hugging me crying asking how I didn’t tell them that I was coming all my family, mainly the women came and tackled me from every side asking me every questions like, if I had a job, a boyfriend, if I had gained weight or if I had lost it, if my hair was different, how much taller I had gotten since the last time they saw me.
As I was being attack by my family I could see my mother smacking mark on the arm and then hugging him and thanking him, I saw her greet Vicky and big her a nice long hug, then she looked over at byeol and I could see that she was scared to get hit but my mother just hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
When I was finally able to get away from my aunts, who were so unbelievably happy and impressed with the surprise saying how their kids never did anything like that for them. I may have just caused a crisis in the family. Oops. I could hear them tell their husbands that they should try harder to surprise their wives and so on and so forth.
I finally made my way back to my mom and just starred at her and held her hand.
This was it my new life was starting and I couldn’t wait to see what the universe had in store.
I was sitting at the table with my mom and my sisters (I consider Vicky my sister) mark was on one side of me and Vicky was sitting in the middle of mark and his father, which was very much engaged in a conversation with Vicky about her family and where we lived and such. We were all just sharing stories with each other.
When someone came up and put some plates of food on our table. We looked up to see the food was being brought in all my mom’s favorite dishes were brought to her. I was just looking at her light up when I saw jimin.
He entered the room and I just couldn’t keep myself from staring at him.
I still couldn’t believe that he was here that he was a real person I kept following his movements as he went from table to table dropping off bossam.
He always made sure to smile and bow his head. He had such a nice smile. Then our eyes met. I quickly looked down. Trying to hide the blush on my cheeks, the next thing I knew his arm was right next to my face he had placed the food right in front of me. I could then hear his voice right next to my ear as he laid the plate down “enjoy your food let me know if you need anything”
I barely managed to say thank you as he turned to walk away.
hey everyone just wanted to say to any of you that read this im so sorry about not continuing the story a lot of thing were going on at the time and i really didn't have time to keep up with writing but if any of you are still out there thank you for coming back i hope you will continue to enjoy the story.
<3 erika