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I've been sucked into drama land with no escape. lol sorry been binge watching kdrama all day and got trapped, they finally let me free!
So bringing a short update today! (Sorry its not longer, trying to come up with ideas for certain scenes) but as we wait for other scenes to happen we have this little bit for you!!!
Keri view****

After that rough beginning of the day running into Mel and Layla seeming like she was going to start a cat fight if she didn't get out of there we left right away. After that we ran around town having fun then the afternoon ended and she went to meet with her boyfriend.
I went home and ended up binge watching dramas trying to get ideas. Once I did, I couldn't stop myself from writing.

 Yoongi had come by late in the night after arriving back home and came to see me. Except I had been writing all day and I looked like it. When he saw me the little wince gave away he was shocked to see me like that. My hair in a messy bun, a random shirt that had writing and pajama pants, the fluffy ones with little unicorns on it.

"Don't say a word" I told him and let him in.

He had spent the night, he stayed perched on the desk watching me scribble down line after line. Not once interrupting me. When I had started getting tired around 4 in the morning that was when he pried the pencil out of my hand, picked me up and took me to the bedroom to sleep.

"I have a few days off coming up" yoongi said making small talk as I brought him a cup of coffee the next morning.
"Do you? When?" I asked sitting down.
"Next week" he said.
"Really? Is it cause you just got done with your concert scedule?" I asked
"Pretty much. We're working on our next set of songs but our deadline isn't for a while" yoongi told me.
"Hmm got to live having deadlines" I laughed thinking about my own impending deadline.
 Technically I still had a month and a half to finish my next work. I did 4 books a year which didn't seem like a lot but was a lot of work. Yoongi and the guys have their deadline due in 2 months, they were going to release their next album a little after the beginning of next year.
"It'll be a busy month then" he said.
"Oh I just realized so it'll be new years, book Is due, bridal shower, bachelorette party, Mel gets married, your deadline all within three weeks" I realized. After the first of the year January and first week of February will be busy.
"Am I invited to that too?" Yoongi asked.
"Yup. Your my plus 1 and you've already met Appa, he double checked I was bringing you" I told him.
"really?" he questioned
"yup, you left a big impression on him." I laughed.
"Oh when will we have time for us?" He grinned as he took my hand in his and held it.
"Still time for us.  And um, you'll be wanting to spend Christmas together won't you?" I asked looking down at the table.
"Of course baby" his hand squeezed mine. "And I have an early present for you" he pulled away and went to get something out of his jacket.
"early present?" I perked up "coffee?" I guessed making him laugh.
"Would I have coffee in my pocket?" He chuckled.
"You could! You could have a pound of ground coffee beans your hiding from me. I would love you so much if you whipped out a bag of Italian ground coffee" I stared wide eyed even at myself for saying that aloud.
"I'll have to remember that for next time my little coffee addict" he chuckled. He pulled out an envelope and set it on the table.

"What's this?" I asked picking it up.
"Open it" he said.
I flipped it open and stared at two airplane tickets that came out.
Pursing my lips I looked up at him.
"Are we going somewhere?" I asked which made him chuckle.
"Yes, I got us two tickets" he said.
"Where too?" I asked looking for the destination.
"To Japan. Tokyo to be exact" he grinned.
"You want to travel with me?" I asked looking at him.
"Well you said you like to travel. I figured a long weekend we could go" he said.
I couldn't help but squeal excited about it. I was going to have a trip with my boyfriend.
"When is it for?" I asked looking back at the tickers for a date.
"Next weekend" he answered. "Do you like it?" He asked. I got up from my chair and moved around to hug him and press kisses to his face.
"I love it!" I exclaimed. His arm wrapped around me pulling my closer to him.
"I'm glad we're not in public and this is just your kitchen" he chuckled.
"oh Yoongi I'm so excited for this!" I exclaimed jumping around.

Ooo So many events going to be coming up soon!!! And first off is a lovers trip for a weekend!!! I wonder what they'll be up to lol.
Yes leaving Layla alone for a bit to stew on what she's going to be up to.
FAM tag!!

CB tag!!

awwww I'm so excited
I'm excited for the too....though they'll probably be joining the mile high club if Yoongi has his way. So, what dramas were you binge watching. I started Father, I'll Take Care of You. It's not that I find it that good, but it's like a train wreck....you can't stop watching.
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@JaxomB lol I've seen the first 2 but had been waiting on the third ep. and yes it ranges from hour to hour and a half. so happy for that 😁