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Heyy everyone just saying I'm not sure if this will be a good chapter but i know the next chapter will be extra entertaining but please bear with me ❤
(Y/N) P.O.V. "Yoongi Please Stop It!! " I wish he can hear me calling out for him. All I can do is watch him hurt himself, destroy things and break things. I still remember a few days ago he started cutting his wrists. Knotts form in my throat from wanting to cry. It honestly hurts seeing someone you dearly care about hurt themselves like this. "God!! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE MY ANGEL FROM ME YOU ASS HOLE BRING HER BACK!!" He screams as he throws a glass cup at the wall. He sits down on the kitchen floor and hides his head into his knees while grabbing and pulling his hair in frustration. "I finally got the courage to ask her out... but u took her away from me... I love her.." Hearing him say that causes tears to form. While lost in thought I didn't notice that Yoongi had walked out of the house. "Yoongi yahh don't do anything stupid. " I run after him but lose him. "Fuck where is he?" After an hour I hear a commosion in front of a bar. I go towards it and see Yoongi and a really buff guy pushing each other. "Hey wtf is your problem get the fuck out of here you wanna be rapper ass." the buff guy says as he pushes Yoongi back. Of course Yoongi is drunk. "C'mon tough guy hit me we all know your only buff because you jerk off too much." "God damit Yoongi stop." The guy looks so fed up with Yoongi and punches him right in the face. He's on top of Yoongi now punching him right in the nose. He's bleeding so much I can't watch. The guy finally stops. "And don't come back dumb ass" he says as he walks away. Yoongi is just on the floor laughing with blood all over him. The crowd begins to leave. It's just me and Yoongi now. He finally knocks out. I grab his hand with tears in my eyes. Please stop Yoongi.
"Hey? Are you okay? Please stop crying I can help you and your friend." I stop crying. Is someone actually talking to me right now? I look up and see a tall skinny boy with brown hair holding his hand out in from of my face. "Are you talking to me? " I point to myself. "Yes let me help you" I gave him my hand and helps me up. Is this actually happening?? "Here let me help you with your friend. " he puts Yoongi on his back. On the walk to Yoongi's apartment I keep staring at him. He keeps catching me staring. We go up the stairs and get inside. "Just set him in his room. Thank you. " I bow. "It's uh fine don't worry. " We walk to the living room and sit down. "I uh actually never got ur name I'm sorry. My name is SiCheng and urs? " He's so shy but I'm still in shock. "Oh um my name is (y/n) but I'm just trying to understand something.... how can u see me? " He looks at me confusingly " I uh have eyes you know? " "No but how do I say this. I uh actually died not too long ago... " He chuckles. " Ahhh are you drunk too that's impossible. " I grab him by the wrist and bring him to the kitchen grab a knife and stab myself. "Look you see I feel no pain cause I'm dead. " His eyes got so big. "Nononono impossible!! " "Please I need ur help. " After telling him my whole situation we start to get to know each other and he's such a caring and sweet person. Even tho I just met him we got so many things in common and I just want him to be by my side. "So do we have a deal that u will help me" I smile at him. "Ne (yes) " he smiles cutely. He's like naturally cute I can't help it. "Okay so we start tomorrow ur gonna talk to him and make him see I feel the same way that he feels and that I'll always be by his side. So u can go home and rest just come here in the morn-" he cuts me. "No u can't be on ur own at night u don't deserve to be alone tonight. " I smile at him. "Okay u can stay with me but we will be sleeping outside tho Yoongi doesn't know who u are yet." he nodds I go inside and get us blankets. We go beside the house where we can't be seen and lay on the grass with our blankets. "Goodnight SiCheng thank you for everything. " I smiled at him. "Goodnight sweet dreams (y/n) "
------------Next Day----------- I can hear the birds chirping. I feel so warm and safe. Never felt this before. Probably the blanket. I hear a groaning noise but don't bother to see what it is. What if it's a dog I don't want to get pissed on. I feel someone breathing on my face. What the hell is that. I peak one eye open but everything is blurry I open my other eye and my vision becomes clearer. My face burns up with redness. SiCheng has him arm around my waist and we are closely together. If I move one inch our lips will touch. I scream out loud causing SiCheng to wake up immediately. "What What What, What happened?!?!?! " I turn myself the other way embarrassed with my face burning red. "I- uh-nothing I'm sorry-Goo-goodmorning" "Aishh you gave me a heart attack." he luaghs while holding where his heart is pounding from shock. I laugh nervously. "Hey ima go check on Yoongi." His smile fades away. He grabs my wrist immediately. "Wait... No please don't go in there.. " He looks so worried. "Why I need to see if he's awake." "Just please (y/n) don't go in there." He is still holding onto my wrist. I yanked my hand and walk into the house. So many things are going through my mind. What's going on. In the middle of my thoughts I hear noises coming from the room. "Uhh give it to me.. " is that a girl moaning?!?!? I hear his bed creaking in a fast pace. "Yoongi oppa please harder!!! " my heart starts breaking little by little... "CALL ME DADDY! " I hear Yoongi say while breathing heavily. "CMON DADDY RIGHT THERE YES CUM INTO ME SUGA DADDY!!" They r both screaming and moaning. The love of my life... making love with another girl... I don't know what to do my heart is breaking so much tears are piling up.... tears are pouring out so fast... Si Cheng grabs my shoulder turns me around and burries my crying face into his neck and wraps his arms around me. He takes me outside still wrapped up in his embrace. "S-S-S-iCheng.. " he looks down at me.. "Please... take.. me far away... from this hell place... "
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YOONGI WHY?!?!?!?!?!😭😭😭💔💔💔