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Hello everyone!

So finals are almost over for me but I thought that I would post my first submission for this contest near the beginning! More are soon to come and I will also continue posting regularly as soon as finals are over! Thanks for waiting guys and enjoyyy! XD
"Come on! We are late!" Soo-Ae yelled as I slammed the car door. Today was the 23rd of December and we are going to a Friendmas party. Silly name, I know. But when my other friends all agreed on it, there was nothing I could do about it.
My friends and I had just finished the semester of our junior year in high school. It has been incredibly insane and stressful so we decided to throw a party, just for the eight of us. We have all been close for as long as I could remember and have only grown closer the older we got. It's kind of funny, considering the guy to girl ratio, but it's never bothered us. Of course, Soo-Ae and I have been called horrible things by others before, but the guys would always stand up for us. They always had our backs and we had theirs.
We finally reached the door, holding our gifts tightly in our numb hands, wanting to get warm as soon as possible. I rang the doorbell. We could hear shuffling and voices behind the closed door and I could even hear a poor rendition of Jingle Bells in the background. I chuckled lightly, knowing that these guys were complete and utter fools and would not let the night go by without embarrassing karaoke. Someone save me, I thought. Please.
The door suddenly opened and the person's eyes lit up as he saw the both of us.
"Finally! I was starting to think you two were going to ditch us," MJ said, moving aside to let us through. Both of us quickly shuffled in, sighing in relief to the sudden warmth we felt in the house.
"They always run late. I was actually expecting them to show up when the party was over," JinJin teased.
"Ha ha very funny." Soo-Ae said half-heartedly as she removed her boots and placed them by the door. "We don't always run late."
"Now that's a lie," Eunwoo said, making me roll my eyes.
"Like you aren't late to everything either! Mr. Roll into class a half an hour after school starts," I shot back, determined to bring at least one of them down with us. His smug smile disappeared as we all laughed, causing him to hit Sanha next to him as he was the one who laughed the loudest. I quickly removed my boots and my jacket as well and placed them both by the door, the gift I brought still tightly in my hands.
"You guys can place your gifts under the tree. We were going to open them after dinner," Rocky stated, pointing us in the direction of the over the top Christmas tree in the living room. We both walked over and froze when we saw it.
"Daebak," Soo-Ae whispered, having the same reaction that I was. It had to be at least 10 ft tall and the ornaments seemed endless. I was in complete awe. We both put our gifts under the tree and headed back to them to see that they had started up another song. Rocky and JinJin were up, holding microphones. I took a seat at the end of the couch behind them, sitting close to Moonbin while Soo-Ae went to sit between Sanha and Eunwoo. We all waited in anticipation to see what song they chose.
"All right Rocky, we got to sing it as one, alright?" Rocky nodded, extremely focused on the screen in front of him. The song then appeared, making the rest of us snicker at their choice - Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
"Oh save us all," I mumbled, trying to stifle my laughter.
"This is gonna be good," MJ added, seeing as how they were getting ready. The prelude then began and they started to sing.
"You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixon," JinJin started, doing some weird little movements with each of the names.
"Comet, and Cupid, and Donnar, and Blitzen," Rocky sang next, copying the same type of method as he sang as well.
"But do you recallllll," JinJin extended his arm out, being way too dramatic.
"The most famous reindeer of allllll," Rocky turned to look at JinJin and they both started to bounce up and down, getting ready for the chorus.
"Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose," They both sang in harmony, making the rest of us cheer and laugh at the improv awkward couple dance they were doing. They were essentially just twirling and holding each other - it was freaking hilarious.
"And if you ever saw it,"
"SAW IT!" The rest of us screamed, enjoying the atmosphere.
"You could even say it glows..." They both sang the rest of the song perfectly, making us laugh and clap along to the song as there was not a dull moment to it. At the end they both bowed and we all applauded and cheered for them.
"Beautiful! 10/10!" I said, holding up a fake sign.
"Wow, who is going to top that?" Eunwoo said, making the rest of us wonder who was going next. They all turned then to look at Soo-Ae and I.
"Ah come on," Soo-Ae said, seeming defeated already as she rose from her seat.
"Nu-uh, I am going to pass," I said, waving my hands in front of me to try to avoid this humiliation. They all immediately protested.
"Well, you were late so that is what you get!"
"Oh come on, it's just one song!"
"We have already heard you sing before so why hide now?"
"Y/N, I need you! I can't do this alone," Soo-Ae begged, making me give in. They all cheered. I laughed slightly at how ridiculous they were being.
"Fine. Fine. But I am only doing it for Soo-Ae!" I stated, determined to get this over with as fast as possible. Soo-Ae then leaned in closer so we could pick our song without them knowing. But before we could choose, the list was snatched from our hands by Moonbin.
"Oh come on," I whined, terrified that they were going to pick a weird song. And after a minute of flipping pages, they found one they all liked. They then chose the song and when Soo-Ae and I saw what song it was, we both sighed. Only our friends would make us sing a romantic duet.
I decided to sing the male part and she decided to sing the female parts. The intro then started, making us both feel embarrassed at this song. They cheered annoyingly behind us as we began singing the song.
"I really can't stay," She sang, looking right at me.
"But baby it's cold outside," I sang deep on purpose to match the original voice, and it sounded so wrong it was kind of perfect.
"I've got to 'way,"
"But baby it's cold outside,"
"This evening has been,"
"Been hopin' that you'd drop in,"
"So very nice,"
"I'll hold your hands, they are just like ice!"
We were perfectly in sync the whole song and when it ended we were actually extremely pleased with our performance. The boys cheered, giving us a standing ovation.
"Alright, who is next?" I asked, holding the microphone out in front of me, glad to be done. They all turned to look at each other and grinned, as if sharing a secret only between them.
"You know...we better eat dinner before it gets cold," Moonbin slyly started to get away from the situation and headed to the kitchen. I was confused.
"Yeah, I agree. Can't have cold Turkey," Sanha then rose as well, laughing slightly as he went. One by one, they each got up and left Soo-Ae and I there to only realize what they had done after the fact.
"Oh they are so not getting away like that," I whispered, determined to not be the only one embarrassed tonight.
"YAH! YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN?!" Soo-Ae then bolted ahead of me and went straight for the kitchen. I followed after and watched as she started to chase some of the guys around. "AFTER WE EMBARRASSED OURSELVES! WELL GUESS AGAIN!" She was crazily swinging the microphone at MJ and chased him around the tree to only then focus on Eunwoo as he bumped into her from coming out of the bathroom. He froze and after realizing what he had done, he started to run away, starting another chase.
I laughed as I watched them, enjoying every moment of this. Soo-Ae finally stopped after they agreed to sing more after dinner and we all sat down at the table to eat the extravagant spread in front of us. Turkey, cheeses, cured meats, olives, you name it. It was almost overwhelming but before I could admire it a second longer, all seven pairs of hands started to grab food and I had to get some before it was all gone.
Three empty trays and a whole cake later, we were stuffed. The boys kept to their promise to Soo-Ae and sang some more Christmas songs. And then eventually... We got to the presents.
Of course since we all are broke students, we decided to do Secret Santa this year as white elephant didn't go so well last year. Let's just say that there were broken hearts... And bones.
We all grabbed the gifts with our names and sat in a circle. One by one we started to open them, surprised by what we got. Sanha got some fuzzy socks (which is hilariously sad), Rocky got a little penguin plushie that he was pretty excited about, Eunwoo got some gloves and a giftcard, MJ got a copy of his favorite christmas movie - ELF, Soo-Ae got some lotion and perfume that actually smelled pretty nice, JinJin got a selfie stick, and Moonbin (the gift I got) got some chocolate and a handmade little snowflake ornament. He knew it was from me right away and smiled, mouthing thank you. I mouthed back your welcome and proceeded to open my gift.
Not caring about the wrapping, I quickly opened it to find a tiny little black box. Startled, it looked a lot fancier compared to the other gifts. I looked up and glanced at everyone in the circle to see if any of them were showing any reactions but they were too focused on their gifts.
Hesitant, I slowly opened the lid to see a small pair of earrings with little snowmen on them. I instantly loved them. They were all white and small enough to where it would not put a lot of weight on my ears. I proceeded to put them in, being careful as to not stab myself. I was about to close the box when I saw something else. A note.
Curious, I reached for it and turned it around to read what it said.
'This is just the first part of your gift. To get the second part, get to the balcony at 9. I will be there, waiting.'
As my eyes scanned the tiny note, my heart started beating faster. F-First part? There is more?
"Are you okay, Y/N?" Rocky asked, noticing how focused I was on the tiny object in my hand. The other six then turned to look at me and how I had gone all silent.
"Y-Ye," I stuttered, trying to absorb all of this.
"Omo. Are those earrings?! Wah, they are so pretty!" Soo-Ae pointed out, make my cheeks burn as everyone grew closer to take a look.
"Aww they are snowmen!" Sanha observed, way too close to my ear. I laughed at how crazy they were being.
"Can I touch them?" JinJin suddenly asked.
"Wait..what. Why?" Eunwoo laughed, confused by his leader's words.
"Because they are shiny..."He mumbled, making us all laugh at his weird actions. He sat back down, pouting, and waited for us to finish.
"I wonder who got them for her~" MJ sang, looking around the room. My heart started to race once more, knowing that one of these people gave me this gift and that my night seemed to be far from over. Time slowly passed by from then on as we played a couple more games and just enjoyed our time together before some of us left for vacation with our families for the rest of the break.
I pulled my phone out to see that it was close to 9. Nervous, I told them that I would be back and I headed to the bathroom. I closed the door and went to look at the mirror in front of the sink. I stared at the snowmen earrings and smiled. Well, they are pretty adorable so I will have to thank them for that...but more than one part? I thought we had a price limit...
My brows furrowed, just trying to think who it could be when my phone went off. I glanced down to see that it was a text from my mom asking when I would be home tonight. I texted her back, telling her that we would be a little longer than we thought and that I would tell her when I was on the way back and to not worry. I then realized that it was 9.
Excited and curious, I left the bathroom and headed up to the balcony upstairs, sneaking past my friends as they were all focused on charades at the moment. Step by step, my anticipation was building as I neared the place. After reaching the top, I saw the balcony, the door just a couple feet in front of me.
I glanced through the glass to see no one. Cautiously, I opened the door and stepped into the cold night. I shivered as the wind hit my face and arms - immediately wrapping my fingers around them and rubbing my arms to create warmth.
After getting a little used to the cold, I looked around the balcony to see nothing expect a small sticky note stuck to the top of the ledge. I walked forward and read what it said.
'Turn around.'
Confused and my heart beating quickly one again, I turned to see someone behind me, holding a bouquet of a dozen roses. They covered their face with them, so I was not able to tell who it was. He changed his clothes from before and was dressed in a suit, wearing white gloves that wrapped around the bouquet and toe-pointed shoes to fit the look.
I was extremely flattered that someone took the time to do all this...for me. But there was only one person I was hoping to see. The guy that has always been by my side since day one and if this was heading in the direction I thought it was, I really hoped it was him.
"Nice suit," I said, still kind of shivering from not bringing a jacket with me earlier. "And I loved the earrings too. Thank you. But..." I inched closer, wanting to see if I could get a glimpse of his face behind the roses. "This whole mysterious act is getting kind of creepy," I chuckled, waiting to see if he would respond to what I said. "If you aren't going to reveal yourself, I guess I can just leave," I hummed, teasing the person before me. Still no reaction, I started to move back towards the door. "Okay, well...I guess I will just go back down-" Before I could finish his hand grabbed my arm, bringing me to a stop.
"W-Wait," He whispered, barely audible for me to hear. I turned around to see that he was still hiding himself but was reluctant to let me go. "P-please wait," He said, his voice a little shaky.
"Okay. I will wait," I answered, smiling warmly at the awkward man before me. His gloved hand released my arm, the warmth still lingering as he returned it back to his side. I crossed my arms in front of me, waiting for him to speak once more. He then sighed, loudly I might add, to most likely calm his nerves. He cleared his throat before he began.
"W-Well, I am glad you liked the earrings. I saw them and I thought they were perfect for you." He began, his hands now fumbling at the base of the roses. "B-But I couldn't just give you those. To be honest, I have been planning this whole thing for a long time now." My face started to burn at his words, understanding that this is exactly what I thought was going to happen - he was confessing.
"I really like you Y/N. I have since we were little. And I know this is a weird time to say this now but I couldn't keep it from you any longer. B-Before you got taken away by someone else I needed to tell you, even if you ended up rejecting me." He continued, his voice still a little shaky as he went. "I-I love you, Y/N."
And at that moment, the roses started to lower from his face. Inch by inch the face slowly started to come together and my heart skipped a beat at who I saw. The person I wanted this to happen with. The boy I have liked for as long as I could remember. Rocky.
Our eyes met as soon as the flowers disappeared from his face and we both smiled a bit. Rocky then extended the roses to me, hoping that I would take them. I glanced up at his face to see that he was beyond nervous and that his face was a little red as well. Smiling happily, I reached for the bouquet and held it in front of me.
"Well, you have a way of messing with people's hearts," I said, laughing a little at his reaction. His eyes widened and the tips of his ears were turning crimson to match his face. His hands were tangled, constantly moving, and he couldn't bear to look me in the eyes. "Thank you for all the gifts Rocky. I loved them." Being bold in this moment, I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, catching him by surprise. "But not as much as I like you," I finished, covering my face with the roses from embarrassment.
I heard him laugh a little and that just caused me to turn even more red. "Y-Yah! Don't laugh at me!" I yelled, trying to get him to stop. However, when I didn't realize it, he had grown closer to me. He then moved the flowers out of my face so that he could see me.
"So then Y/N," He said, bringing my eyes automatically up to his. His eyes scanned my face, and he slowly reached to move a strand of my hair behind my ear to see my face more clearly. "Will you go out with me?" He grinned his goofy smile, making me smile as well. I nodded slightly, afraid to look at his face again.
"Good," He stated. "Because if you would have said no, I would have forced myself on you." Shook, I glanced up confused.
"Excuse me?!" He laughed at my reaction.
"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" He covered up, holding his hands in front of him so that I wouldn't hit him. "I was going to force myself on you either way you answered," I scoffed, at his words wondering just what the hell I was getting myself into. I hit him on the shoulder.
"Y-Yah! What kind of Secret Santa are you?!" I asked, taken back by his sudden forwardness. He then leaned forward, breaking into my personal space as his face neared mine. Nervous and all fluttery, he stopped short.
"I'm the best kind." He whispered. He then closed the distance and his lips met mine. He kissed me softly and it was like at that moment nothing else mattered. His arms snaked around my waist and my arms went around his neck as we kissed for the first time, under the moonlight. The man I loved had loved me back all this time and I knew from then on that things would be different - would be better with him. With My Secret Santa.

Aww, was Rocky cute or what?

This is the a few Christmas one-shots and I decided to do ASTRO first because who doesn't love these guys! I hope you guys enjoyed it and look forward to the next couple holiday one-shots! (Tell if you want to vote because I can cast a vote or I can just surprise you guys... ;) let me know in the comments!)

Also, if you would like to be added to my oneshots/christmas oneshots list, let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~

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I had a feeling it would either be MJ, Sanha or Rocky! It was so sweet, I love these holiday fanfic events and I love Astro fanfics cause they're so sweet! I'm glad that they like each other and it was so cute how nervous he was. And the moonlight effect wrapped the whole story up nicely (teehee, did you see what I did there?) ;)
Lol I did and it was perfect! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
awe, the feels!!! ❀ Love it!!
Awe, this is too cute!!!!
Can you tag me??
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Thank you 😊😊
So cute!!!