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There will be two groups today! Since there's usually two soloists and because there isn't much information about these groups!
Sorry this a little late!
Group Name: Acoustic Collabo
Debuted: November 3rd, 2010
Latest Comeback: N/A
There isn't a specific YouTube channel to subscribe to in order to support this duo, however I would suggest searching them up!
Members: (2)
Name/Stage Name: Chae Ji Jiyeon
Born: N/A
She is the vocalist.
Name/Stage Name: Kim Seung Jae
Born: N/A
He is a guitarist.
(I've not included images because you can see them in the first video above!)
Group Name: Almeng
Debuted: October 21st, 2014
Latest Comeback: August 19th, 2016
To further support this duo subscribe to CJENMUSIC's YouTube Channel here.
Members: (2)
Name: Choi Rin
Stage Name: Ryn
Born: 1990
She is a vocalist.
Name: Lee Hae Yong
Stage Name: Haeyong
Born: 1990
He is a vocalist.
(I've not included images because you can see them (and easily tell who's who) in the first video above!)
Welcome to Coed Week!!
Sadly this is it for Coed week, we'll be returning to the regular schedule next week!
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Information about these groups were found here and here.
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love them all. thanks
Welcome! :)