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30 Day Bleach Challenge Day 9 & Day 11 (kinda) :D
Today is day 9 of the challenge which is about your favorite shikai and while I have my preference it belongs to someone who was not either my favorite captain or lieutenant, however he was second on my lieutenant choices. And my favorite Shikai is


Everything about Kazeshini screams awesome from his weapon design to actually use in combat, even his character design is freaking awesome and honestly he was one of the one's I wanted to see the the Zanpakuto rebellion arc. Kazeshini is power house of a shikai yes a FREAKING SHIKAI. If he goes Bankai in the character book I'll be over the moon :3 I know that deep Down Kazeshini is HIGHLY dangerous and even Shuhei has stated he hates his Zanpakuto but the potential for a great nice Zanpakuto is there Shuhei would just need to use 'im more often....probably Kazeshini is literally insane and not the eratta literal the literal literal.
So who's your favorite Shikai? and hey look at that I even answered Day 11 :D guess I'll take the day off for that one :3 as always let me know who's your favorite either via comment or card Thanks for reading and you have an awesome day :3 Tagging: @AdamDean @Zeenyte
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