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[ Taehyung's POV ] "Yanna...Do you now, perhaps, remember anything from our past?" I asked her nervously.. I want to know why I haven't seen her for more than 2 yrs since I trained. Whenever I went to our secret meeting place, she wasn't there. She was always there whenever I went on her birthday and on that special time of July where meteor showers showed, and on my birthday. "..all I know is that we are both from Daegu. There are blurry memories of us together, but that's it." Yanna said. "How about this? Do you remember this?" I showed her the pen. She stared at it for more than 3 mins, squinting her eyes. "I.. I'm sorry. I don't." She looked at me with a sad look on her face. "Is that pen really important?" I looked at her trying my best not to let pain and disappointment show. I let of a sigh and smiled at her, "Nah. You'll remember it soon. Let's go. I think dinner is ready." I placed tge pen on my pocket, then helped her get up the couch, and went to the dining table with the rest of the members. - [ Jimin's POV ] "So how come we never knew about Yanna?" I smiled, moving my brows up and down, teasing Tae. "Cause you'll act this way." he rolled his eyes at me "You better beha-" Kook cut him off "But we're doing fine, right Jimin? We always talk to her. I always play with her." I smacked Kook's head lightly. "HYUNG. JIMIN HYUNG. Ah jinja you always copy me and now you forget I'm your hyung?" "Mianhae." he scratched his head and we all laughed. "Yanna, do you remember simple details about you? hmm.. how about your birthday?" I asked "Ah, yes. It's on March 9." she said. "Oh?? You have the same birthday as Suga-hyung." "Really?? Yanna asked to hyung beside her. "Yes. Did you know that on March 9 or within that week of March, an eclipse always happens?" Suga-hyung told her. "Yes! I read about it before. It happened a couple of times! Aw I feel happy I have the same birthday as one of the members. And who would've thought it was you." she smiled at Suga-hyung, in which he returned with a smile too. I looked over at Taehyung sitting in front of her. He was looking at Suga hyung and Yanna for quite a while now. "Ohhh I think someone is jealous~" I teased him. Kook as per usual, copied me. "V, you like her?? Oohh that jealous face." "YAH. I don't! She's just my bestfriend...... I am jealous that she might be bestfriends with Suga hyung at this rate." "Yah ya. stop that teasing noe and finish your food. Jimin, you wash the dishes tonight. Kook you help him out" Hobi-hyung told me. "Waaaaeee????? Ahhhhh." Kook and I said What did I do to receive this punishment??
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