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[Taehyung's POV] "YAH. I don't! She's just my bestfriend...... I am jealous that she might be bestfriends with Suga hyung at this rate." "UGH WHY DID I SAY THAT. SO STUPID." I was kicking my pillows while lying down on the bed. "I shouldn't have said that! I should've just admitted! Or not maybe that was a good cover up?" I kept squirming until someone knocked on my door. "Tae. Get up. Time for practice" Jimin said then left. I couldn't sleep well because what I said during dinner kept bugging me. I admit. I like her. It's been years since I've liked her. I just wasn't sure if I made the right choice of using the bestfriend card as an excuse or I should've just admitted it. It's too early to tell her now, especially with her conditon. I got up then went to practice with the members. - "Whoo!! Taeee you're on fire today! What's up?" Jhope hyung asked me. I practiced really hard today to keep my mind distracted. "Nah. It's been a while since I gave my all during practice." We were on the way out of the studio, when I saw Yanna. What's she doing here? "Ah. Yanna. You came." Suga hyung said behind me. "Yes. I saw you practice. You were all great!" she looked at my eyes then blushed and turned away. "Here. I bought you all some coffee." she handed out. "Wooaah. Yanoonaaa~ gomawo." Kook said "You didn't have to but thanks a lot" Jimin hugged Yanna. I got irritated there for a bit. "Ya. Let go. Her arm." Suga hyung pulled Jimin away. the other guys thanked her and we went back to the dorm together. -- I just finished showering and went outside the bathroom when I saw Yanna standing in front my desk. "Yanna." I called and she turned around. "Oh my God. I'm sorry. I should've knocked." She flushed. "No it's okay. I'm done. What's up? You need anything?" She couldn't look at me...cute. "Uh. I was wondering if you were alright. I saw you practice really hard. and when you saw me at the studio you didn't say anything to me. So I thou-" I went near her and trapped her between my arms resting on the table "Uhh. Tae..you're t-too c-close." She's so cute. I wanted to kiss her right then and there. I went nearer but someone knocked on my door. talk about timing. "Tae come out, dinner is ready." Jin called outside. Good thing he didn't open the door. I didn't move away from Yanna, or else Jin-hyung might scold me. I faced Yanna again. Looking down, but I can see her face red as a tomato, her other arm supporting her weight on the table, "Please remember sooner. I can't wait to tell you." "I'm trying... Tell me what? but....Tae, uhm...we should-" I gave her a peck on the lips and went outside. My heart is beating so fast right now. I couldn't help it. She's so damn adorable.
Maybe, I'll update until Chapter 10 tonight. The other chapters, maybe I'll update 2 chapters per day? Or maybe just one. Depends. Thanks for reading!! J: @JaxomB T: @Taekookimonster
awwww tae~ so cuteeee
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oh thank you. im updating it really fast cauze I dont have drafts. I legit write/type the story on the spot then update. so basically, even I am leaving myself in suspense.. so it's kinda tricky lololol
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