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[ Yanna's POV ]
I went inside Taehyung's room without his permission. He looked out of it a while ago when I went to the studio. I thought maybe he's mad at me or somehthing.
I looked around and stopped in front of his desk to fix the things on top of it.
I accidentally dropped a pen on the floor and was about to pick it up when,
"Oh my God. I'm sorry. I should've knocked." I think I kicked the pen somewhere, I'll just look for it tomorrow. What's more alarming right now is that I can feel my ears heating up. His clothes were weird like it's been cut out, but he looked so cute in them.
"No it's okay. I'm done. What's up? You need anything?"
I can see amusement on his face so I looked down again.
"Uh. I was wondering if you were alright. I saw you practice really hard." I can see him stepping forward "and when you saw me at the studio you didn't say anything to me. So I thou-"
'Oh God Oh God Oh God why has it come to this' I'm internally screaming to myself
He's got me locked between his arms. He smells so good. He just came out of the shower after all. He--- YANNA STOP FANTASIZING. Say something!!
"Uhh. Tae..you're t-too c-close."
I closed my eyes, head still down as I can feel his face getting closer. I was supporting my weight on the table or else we'll be in contact.
"Tae, come out, dinner is ready." Jin oppa called out. I OWE MY LIFE TO YOU and thank you inventor of doors I owe my life to you, too.
"Please remember sooner. I can't wait to tell you." Tae said.
Tell me what?? I faced him this time to respond about my condition. I know it's hard for him that I can't remember much about us being best friends but it's much harder for me, too.
"I'm trying... Tell me what? but....Tae, uhm...we should-"
OH. SHIT. HE KISSED ME. AND HE LEFT. What the hell was that???
My eyes are close to popping out. I can't move!! His eyes were closed when he kissed me. His eyelids are so beautiful. I'm--- stop it! Get a hold of yourself!
I ran out of his room, "TAE! What was-" all of them were looking at me, and that perv had a smirk on his face
"What were you doing in Tae's room? Sit so we could eat now." Jin said.
"Oh. I was- I had to-" I was stuttering. I didn't know what to say.
"Ah. She just went to ask if she could go to the studio again tomorrow." Tae answered Jin in my stead.
I went to the only vacant chair, which was beside Tae. "Thanks but we'll have to talk later." I whispered to him. And he just winked at me. Is he really my bestfriend??
"Sorry, Yanna. I'm afraid you can't. Tomorrow's a hectic schedule so it's a mess at the studio tomorrow. It'd be better if you just stay here." Namjoon smiled at me apologetically.
"I completely understand. It's okay. I can go some other time, right?" I said.
"Of course."
We continued eating but all I can think of was the kiss from earlier, and I'm sure the perv beside me is very much happy judging by his silly smile.
"What was that for?" I punched his back lightly with my free arm.
I went into his room again when I made sure everyone was already asleep.
"Nothing. I just wanted to." Tae said with a shrug, not looking at me cause he was playing a game on his laptop.
I threw his pillows at him, and he got annoyed cause his player died. "Aaaah. What was that for??? Look what you did! I died!! I was so close to win--"" Nothing. I just wanted to." I didnt let him finish to annoy him more.
"Jinjaaa. Will you step out??"
"Uh. No."
He suddenly stood up and looked me in my eye again.
"Fine. Maybe you want round number two?" He began to smirk.
I began to get nervous but oh, boy. You thought only you could play this game.
I stepped closer to him with no second thoughts and I could see his surprised face as he stepped backwards.
"Yaaa okay okay. I'm sorry. I won't do it again." He said seated on his bed. His face was so red I had to stop myself from laughing.
"You better not." I said then ran back to my room and laughed my heart out.
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