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This is how I will make my dream room begin along with all my other posters and wall scrolls!! This is my life!! This is my anime!! Haha Anime is Life!!
Some extras I'll also be grabbing!!
I would hi-key get the Alphonse and Spike posters
@SimplyAwkward Haha yeah I saw the spike and was like would go great anywhere. Just like my "see you space cowboy" T shirt. Reminded me of when I was at a friends bday party n they told me to avoid they're parents so they would leave and not catch people underage and I go up to em and introduce myself as Cowboy Bebop hahaha they loved me too haha. Spike is the man, reminds me of a space Gintoki with his laziness but pure heartedness. Def 2 tatto characters I will be adding to the many others 😝
@LuffyNewman what site did you use
@supermex1477 funny thing is these popped as a sponsored add on my insta. Then search anime. Some of the gnarliest posters and such to buy I've seen NAKAMA!!