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Never ending FAITH
I personally, still trap and stuck in Romantic Faith Drama, and i guess still didn't want to get out from here. For me, never ending FAITH....<3
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Aigooo!!! We´ll live forever on FAITH!!! Daejang and IMJA forever!!!
4 years ago·Reply
@kyssmin, hellooooo Amiga...yessss, DaeJang Imja forever....i adore them because their love story just like real, i never see Lee Min Ho stare a leading lady just like his stare to Kim Hee Sun...their really so sweet as a couple, i mean Imja Couple. that's why her hubby so jealous with him. Hahhahahaha....LOL^^
4 years ago·Reply
@deniselane, watched FAITH so much more than me... i watched FAITH maybe it's around 20times...i lose from you.....hahahhaha...thank you Faithlings....i found great fans of Imja Couple who has the same craziness just like me...!!!
4 years ago·Reply
Me too......never ending Faith
4 years ago·Reply
and for me,too :)
4 years ago·Reply