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You have been dating your boyfriend, Taehyung, for about 4 years now; and will be spending everyday until Christmas together.
Day 9-10/25
Day 9
Taehyung wasn't with me and he had to go shopping with his friends for today, he said it was very important, I tried to ask what he was buying, but he said he was buying his friends presents.
Day 10
I was kind of sad that he came over and didn't get me anything, but maybe he did and he just left it at home. We we going to see his parents and deliver them an early Christmas present, because we were gonna spend it together. We arrived at the house that smelled of ginger bread and pine.
"Hello (y/n) long time no see, how have you been."
"I've been good, how about you Mrs. Kim?"
"I've been great, oh hello Taehyung." She said giving us both hugs.
"How are your parents (y/n), I haven't seen them in forever."
"They're better than ever. Their anniversary is right around the corner too." I said excitedly.
"Honey! Taehyung and (y/n) are here."
"Just a minute!" He yelled and Mrs Kim brought us in. I stepped in and smelled fresh cookies.
"Are you baking cookies?"
"Yes I am would you like some?"
"Yes please." I followed her to the kitchen. I took a bite of the chewy cookie and groaned.
"This is so good, your cookies are always the best."
"Why thank you." We both stepped back in the kitchen and both Taehyung and his father were talking.
"Honey, did you see (y/n) yet."
"Oh hello (y/n)!" He then gave me a hug.
We ended up having dinner at their house because she made too much. Later we were playing games and talking. Then it was time to leave.
"(y/n) take care of our son, or santa won't give you any presents this year."
"Okay, I will." I laughed and we headed back home.
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