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안녕하세요 my Loverlys!! KPopBeat here with a little bit of disappointing news.
Unfortunately there will be no ChocoABs this weekend. Mianhaeyo! Something has come up and is directly demanding my attention. I will hopefully be back up and running next week for Test Your Knowledge and my chapters of Oppa but that will all depend on my little brothers recovery.
For those of you out on the streets driving your cars I ask that you watch for motorcycles and stay safe!
Again Mianhaeyo! I am sorry.... I hope to be back with you next weekend though!
Everyone have a wonderful weekend (though sadly choco free) and I will see you later loverlys!
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Keeping you and your family in my thoughts <3 take time
I hope your brother gets better soon.
That's fine, don't worry about it!! Your family's health is the most important thing!! I hope everything works out and everyone is fine!!