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Who: Reader x Park Jinyoung What: Say a Smut hooked up with another Smut and had a whole bunch of Smut babies. One happy Smut family! Story:N/a

Warning for Mature Audience only!

My entire to the Smut contest @aombts @twistedpuppy @prettieeEm @BBxGD
After a long day of work, you were looking forward to coming home to Jinyoung. Once you opened the door, you smiled. Though Jinyoung wasn't in sight, multiple rose petals were on the ground trailing you in from the door way to your bedroom where more rose petals were scattered across the bed. Your red bed sheets couldn't hide the true red the velvet flower held. You smiled when you felt arms wrap around you from behind and he kissed you on the back of the neck. "Jinyoungie!" You said happily. "Hello jagi." He turned you around to face him. He kissed you softly. He pulled away to look down at you and you smiled at his smile. Your hands came up to pinch his cheeks softly. "Pinchu pinch." You joked softly. He gently raised his hands to your arms and ran them down to your wrists slowly. His smiles smaller but his eyes were intense. He thought you were cute when you made that noise but he didn't like it when you grabbed onto his cheeks. Your smile slowly faded at the intensity of his eyes. Your breathing suddenly off track. Your eyebrows came up and you sported an innocent face. He slowly pulled your hands down and turned you around and bent you over so you had to lean on the bed. You spread your legs just slightly so you didn't have to strain your legs. His hand ran slowly down your back down to your butt and smoothed over your round cheeks before his hand disappeared from your rear then came back down with loud smack that echoed into the room. You let out a gasp type of moan, no matter how many times her done this, no matter how many times you got yourself into this situation any time Jinyoung spanked you it was like a surprise. His hand disappeared again and came down on the other side of your butt. You moaned into the room feeling his hand rub over the fabric of your pants. You felt him reach over to pull your hair all the way to the other side of you. His body just over yours while his hand still roamed your ass. His soft lips touched your bottom ear and he kissed your cheek before he said, "Stand up." He wrapped his arm under you his hand just slight above your chest and you felt him pull you up as you pushed yourself off the bed. A way to display his dominance perhaps you weren't sure with that one but it's not like you cared much. You didn't move until he said to though. His hand left your chest and he walked away and opened a draw from what you heard. You bit your lip at the anticipation of what was to come next. He called to you from across the room. "Don't turn around. Take every except your bra off." He said. Your heart started pumping faster at his tone so demanding and somehow lower. Amazingly beautiful. You started to pull off your suit jacket then you unbuttoned your white top. You took off your belt and slid your pants and panties down in one movement. "Make sure you clean up after yourself." He said. He meant your clothes, he didn't like a mess. The only time he ignored clothes on the ground is if things were super heated and he couldn't wait. Oh man and where those hot passionate nights amazing when he'd grab your face and kiss you hard and fast, way to impatient to tease you. He go inside you quickly with no condom and not a second thought about it and you'd be just as hot for him. It wouldn't be like that today. Today he seemed to want to take it slow. You folded your clothes and placed them on the side of the bed. He came and grabbed them probably placing them in the laundry basket. His body was behind you again in no time and he had a red satin cloth in his hands. He brought them up to your eyes and blindfolded you. You took in a breath and let out a little moan. His hands came around your body grabbing your breast to massage them through your bra. He made them playfully bounce as he came to your neck and licked the space between. Your butt moved into him and you could feel his erection poking out from his pants. "Lay down on your back." He said. You did as he said and he moved over your body raising your hands above you. His breathing the only noise you really heard until you felt cold metal on your wrist and then the secured click. You took in a deep breath, blood rushing to your face, you were turned on and breathing uneven just from settle movements. "You can hold onto the pillow but don't bring your hands down jagi." You nodded and you could feel his smile on your skin when he dipped his head down to kiss your stomach. Your fingers found rose petals on the pillow and you held them between your fingers, running your time over the softness of them, almost as soft as his lips trailing down to your heat. He placed petals over your body and you felt his tongue flatten out and lick up your slit. You took in a deep breath, your back came off the bed just slightly. He licked again this time making sure to use the tip of his tongue starting at your entrance and making his way up to your clit. His slow movements had you whining and pinching the petals between your fingers. His tongue circled around you clit and sucked lightly making you moan louder, your back coming off the bed a little higher. You sighed shaking as you came back down to the bed. He left your core for a moment and you took the time to try and slow your heart. His slow movements were torture every touch had you flushed in the face wanting more but not getting it. You could only image the wicked smile he had on when he looked up at you blindfolded and hand cuffed. You were being so obedient for him and that was one thing he appreciated the most was obedience. You felt the bed sink and you could practically feel his body heat attacking you. His hand ran over your hit softly and slowly passing your clit as a tease. One touch, too light and you were bucking your hips up to get more. He smacked your hip enough to sting but not enough to hear the sound resonate in the room. He appealed to your senses when you were blindfolded making you feel ever damn thing, taste it, hear it, even smells. He sent you on a trip it was a sexual experience you never had with other men but you absolutely loved when he did it. His finger rubbed circles on your clit and your hear him taking in your scent by your neck. He placed light kisses on your neck. His soft lips ghosting down from your neck to your collarbone. He teased your bra strap by your arm then brought his hand just under your bra. His finger circled around your nipple teasing you because he avoided actually touching your nipple. You licked your lips and you arched back again when he licked up your neck. "Jinyoung." You whispered helplessly it almost sounded like a cry. "Yes jagi?" "I'm going crazy." He chuckled and nuzzled against your neck, "Good." His tongue showed up again and you were about ready to tear the pillow apart. He ran a soft petal down your stomach is soft touch tickling you and making you moan. "Oh my." You whispered. "I could move a little faster if you hadn't grabbed my cheeks baby. If you apologize nicely then I'll give you a treat." He said. You were panting all from his teasing he'd touched you but so lightly and so tortureingly slow your heart was racing from being turned on beyond belief and your body needing him so bad. "Jinyoungie." You whimpered. He brought the petal up to neck feathering it and making you inhale sharply. "Yes baby." He whispered in your ear before his tongue licked your earlobe. You whined and said, "I'm sorry, please forgive me." He chuckled against your skin. You bit your lip at the sexy sound. His voice got dangerously deep. "I forgive you jagi. Open your mouth I'll give you a treat." He said. He teasing hand left you again and you felt movement on the bed. Your mouth was open and your felt something cool, wet and slightly bumpy being traced around your lips. Your eyebrows pinched together wondering what it was. It wasn't him you were sure, it was too small. "Take a bite." He said. You bit down. It was a strawberry. You smiled and he chuckled, "You like?" You nodded still chewing slow yourself. You swallowed and said, "Thank you." He placed another one to your lips and you ate, a smirk appearing on your face and you chewed. His fingers went back to your core pushing a finger inside you and you gasped arching up again. "Keep your mouth closed, it not lady like to show your food." Part of you wanted to laugh but the other half was focused on the movement of his finger. Your mouth closed and his finger went inside you slowly then pulled out just as slow. Then he pushed a second finger in going just as slow. You gripped the pillow again moaning. Once again he added another finger when he went back in, this time twisting his fingers and curing inside you. You cried out your moan a bit louder. "Jin- young." "Shhh." He said softly. He felt like he was laying on top of you now. His lips touched yours soft at first then adding pressure. It was getting difficult to keep your hands to yourself when all you wanted was more. His fingers pumped a little faster and your hips began to grind. His kiss changed from soft to hard the soft again. He was changing tempos just to play with you. He pulled away from you just when you started getting dominate in the kiss. You could hear him breathe and god it was so hot. His fingers disappeared and you whined quickly saying, "I'm sorry. Jinyoungie." A slight buzzing sound met your ears and something was pushed inside of you. You tied out a moan, your legs coming up as the vibrations ravished your body. "Oh my god." Your hands came down so you could put something in your mouth. "Put your arms back up jagi." You whined but hadn't moved fast enough. "Now." His demanding voice made you moan more and you raised your arms up clutching the pillow. Your voice bounced off the walls of your room sounding like echos each one sending you in more of a frenzy. The vibrator driving you out of your mind and so close. "Jin-Jin-young no- ah. No- more." You said trying to breathe and create an actual sentence. "Not yet." He said. The device left you and you cried and wiggled under him. You could hear his deep laugh making that coil in you twist even more than before. He climbed over you, you knew it because you could feel it. He kissed you softly all the while sliding into you. He grabbed your hips and brought you down him hard. You screamed his name gripping the pillow willing yourself not to raise your arms. He never made much noise but everything he did to you shook you to your core. He slammed into you repeatedly, moving so hard and even... concentrated. Your breast were bouncing back and forth he came down and kissed your neck, then your chin, then your lips muffling your moans and screams. He pulled up a little to get you in a different angle, lifting your leg onto his shoulder. The new angle was incredible especially when he reached for your neck and said, "Keep your voice down." He squeezed lightly the more noise you made. It felt amazing as the light headedness hit your head. He moved his hand down your body. You reached up for him and he pushed you down, dropping you leg to the bed. "Arms up Jagi." "Jinyoung please." "Not yet." He said. The cuffs had dug into your wrists at this point leaving marks you were sure. He flipped you over and pushed you down into the bed you were still on your knees and he was still pushing himself harder into you. His hand ran through your hair and then he lifted you up into him wrapped his arm around your waist, his hand meeting your neck again. "Y/n, it's okay. Come for me." He said in your ear. There was no need to ask you twice, your body was weak trying to contain yourself. You and you screamed his name into the room. He slowed his hips down moving in and out of you slowly to help you ride down the high. He dropped you on the bed pulling out of you. "Turn over baby." He said. His voice reveled how close he was. The sound of his hand moving against himself some how seemed loud in your ears. You flipped on your back and wait for what was next. He pushed your blindfold up and your eyes opened and adjusted to him jerking himself off. You took in a deep breath amazed at the sight of his blown pupils. He leaned over to kiss you and he kissed rough and hard searching for extra sensations. Your hands were down by your stomach when you turned around so when he kissed you, your hands roamed his chest. His hot white ribbons streamed over you stomach beautifully. He groaned in your ear before he rolled over panting himself. He reached for the key to unlock your cuffs and your stretched your arms so happy to be able to move them freely. Your arm came around his chest and you ran your hand through his hair. You kissed his cheek satisfied by everything he'd done. He reached over you grabbing the bunch of rose petals and sprinkling them over you two, making you chuckle. "Ae-cha is at Jackson and Mark's?" You said referring to your three year old. He nodded, "For the rest of the night, they were more than happy to watch their little niece." "Ah. It's been a while since we've been home alone." You said rubbing your wrists to soothe the pain but sighing at the realization that you two were alone. Jinyoung grabbed your hand and kissed your wrist. You smiled at him before laying back into he bed. "Happy Anniversary jagi." Jinyoung said into your hand. "Happy Anniversary. Hey, you know since we're alone for the rest of the night there's something else we haven't done in a while." You sat up with a smirk. "Mario Kart again?" He said already guessing your addiction. "I'll get the Wii." You said smiling. "Winner gets to dominate in our second round." Jinyoung smiled. You laughed as you hurried off the bed, petals falling off you and Jinyoung's whisper in your ear, "Beautiful."
hey! WHY YA'LL USING MY BIAS! THAT CHEATING! FIRST@INSFIRED AND NOW YOU! legit me and jinyoung would have to fight for top because mm lol
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Smut babies tho?! lmao!!!!!!!
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