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New Collection
Okay so since I'm following this lovely fandom like almost every other Anime Otaku... I have decided to make a collection for it SINCE THERE ARE SO MANY CARDS THAT I WANT OR SAVE AND SHARE... okay done yelling... Sorry lol
Tagging fellow Victuri lovers @AimeBolanos @TrustFundKid @OtakuDemon10 @alexcattura @SimplyAwkward If there are more which I'm sure there is please feel free to tell me and I'll add you the next time I make a Yuri on Ice related card~
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Oml... I'm trying to edit the collections card holder appearance and it's being a douche!!! -huffs and throws fit- seriously e......e
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I feel you 😅
a year ago
Meeeee!!! I love them!!
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finally doing the same! raiding through my liked cards for clips!
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