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This had originally been a Monster Woo smut but I don't know if he is considered to be in the Kpop/Khiphop category so I changed it. Hehehe(;^ω^)
I hope you like it!! This is my first ever smut.

I stood in the shower, letting the water run down my body. I washed my hair and rinsed out the suds. After turning off the water, I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a nearby towel. After drying my body, I grabbed one of Hanbin's t-shirts and put that on. Grabbing clean underwear, I put that on and walked out the bathroom. On my exit, I grabbed a smaller towel and started drying my hair.
I walked out to see Hanbin playing a video game.
"Ooh! Can I play?" I ask, putting the towel in the laundry basket.
He chuckled deeply.
"Of course. Come on. Grab a controller." He smiled.
I ran over, grabbed one and tried to lie down. His legs were sprawled on the bed. I shrugged and straddled his legs with my back facing him. I lay down and pressed the controller's on button.
My chest lay firmly against his shins and my core rested softly against his crotch area. I didn't think anything of it. I just wanted to play the game.
Why does she do this to me? (Y/N) and I have been dating for a short while now and we haven't really gotten that far yet. It's just I don't know if she's ready and I don't want to push her into going any farther if she isn't ready. But, she teases the hell out of me. She so innocent yet Her body isn't. Her soft pussy lay against my cock and it takes everything in my system not to take her right then.
I felt myself growing harder and I tried to adjust but to no avail.
"Are you okay, B.I.?" She looked back at me, calling me my stage name. My mind immediately started wondering to what it would be like if she was looking back at me while I took her from behind.
'No!! Don't think that way.' I thought to myself.
"Yeah. I'm good." I nod. She smiles and lays back down. I sigh quietly, hoping if I try to avert my attention back to the screen, maybe I will calm down a bit.
"AWW come on!!" She yelled, sitting up. She applied just enough pressure and I grunted softly at the feeling.
"God......" I muttered.
"Bin.....are you sure you're okay?"
"Yeah...yeah...I'm good." I nodded, putting in my best convincing face. She turns back around hesitantly.
"If you say so."
I bit my bottom lip as my eyes traveled down to her pussy. So warm and soft, hidden slightly behind the soft cotton of her grey panties.
My index finger traveled downward, playing with the edges of her underwear. She has yet to notice, so immersed in the game in front of her. My finger traced small circles on her clit. She gasped softly.
"Bin....stop." She muttered softly, absolutely zero assertion in her voice.
My index finger found it way in between her folds and teased her entrance. She exhaled sharply, still playing her game.
I pushed my finger into her tight entrance and reveled at the way she gasped softly at the intrusion.
I licked my lips at how soft she was. My finger entered and exited her in a constant pace. A soft moan left her lips and that nearly pushed me over the edge.
"Oh god......" She muttered, trying to hold back her moans. I smirked silently, at the gorgeous sounds she was trying to hide. I wanted to hear everything.
"What's wrong baby?" I asked, my voice lower than usual.
"Ahh.....Bin.....mmm, don't s-stop..." She moaned, her hips moving back onto my fingers to create more tension.
I inserted my middle finger to accompany my index finger. She cursed softly, her sweet voice didn't match her words. Thats what turned me on even more.
She sat up a bit more to better ride my fingers.
"Hanbin......ah!!" She moaned, throwing her head back. She rocked her hips onto my hand and the lewd noise leaving her mouth were too much to handle. She pushed harder, adding pressure to my near throbbing cock.
"Shit baby. When you do that, it makes it hard to hold back." I groaned.
The words that left her innocent lips surprised me.
"Who told you to hold back?" She hummed softly.
My free hand went for my sweatpants. I undid the drawstring and released my member, already dripping with precome.
I nearly ripped her panties off and without warning her, I thrusted into her soft core.
She screamed out.
"Hanbin!!! Oh my god~!!" She yelled, placing her hands on my thighs for better leverage. She gripped me perfectly. I've waited so long for this.
I grabbed her small waist and thrusted into her. She met my thrusts. A deep groan left my mouth. This was better than I originally expected.
My grip tightened on her waist, she groaned softly at that. I threw my head back, thrusting up into her.
"Hanbin.... I-I'm close." She squeaked softly, moaning out my name with each thrust. She looked back at me, biting her bottom lip. I nearly came then. She looked so sexy, my name leaving her lips followed by malicious moans.
"Just hold on a little longer, baby." I told her, getting closer myself. Her arms nearly gave out as I told her that. She ran a hand through her soft hair.
"Bin...oh my god...please." She begged. "Please, oppa!" She moaned louder.
I came right then as she clenched around me, meeting her climax at the same time.
We both sat there, panting softly, almost in unison. I turned her to face me. She breathed heavily, her eyelids low.
"Bin....." She muttered.
My lips met hers. We kissed as we both came down from our highs.
"I love you so much, (Y/N)." I muttered softly, running a hand through her hair.
"I love you too." She smiled.
We heard a deep "GAME OVER" come from the screen.
"AWW...I lost?" She whined.
"There's always next time....and the time after that. And the time after that." I reminded her, lifting my eye brow.
"That sounds like a plan." She giggled.
Oh wow... 😶 That was interesting. I liked it a lot. You have major skills. 🖒🖒 I can't wait for more of your work!! 🤗 And thank you!
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Well, I think you should. Because you have talent. 🤗
Oh But Damn!!!! you had to use my bias THE ONE GUY THAT AFTER GD SPOT AS MY UB!!! have you no mercy! lol but very good
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@twistedPuppy thanks so much!!!😊😊😊
is this really your first smut? I swear I seen you write more before... Hmmm
Yes. This is the first smut I've actually written.