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WARNING FOR MATURE AUDIENCES I'm submitting for the Kpop/HipHop Fanfiction Contest. The original fic is rather long so I just went to the smutty part =D Enjoy! Here's the link if you want more lol
Gathering Secret Intelligence Thirty minutes later, I was close to becoming more than buzzed. With Fay, this game had turned into a personal vendetta to get me back for earlier. Every time it was her go, she would offer up things that I had personally told her about Jimin and I's encounter the night before. I was giving it back with the assistance of Namjoon. This fun drinking game had turned into a silent war to see who the victor would be. "Never have I ever," she started, "wanted to fuck my hot, younger neighbor." By this time, she had opened up fully in front of Yoongi, who seemed highly amused to witness this side of her. I shot her a glare trying not to look over at Jimin as I took my shot. "Noona, really?" I could hear the smugness just rolling off his tongue. I'm sure he was looking quite pleased with himself, but I refused to look. I took a deep breath and turned to him, smiling at him. "Oh yeah, Taehyung is so irresistible." "I never knew you felt this way about me," Taehyung played along and I gave him a high five. "Jimin, you never call me noona! Im older than you too," said Fay a little too loudly. The liquor was definitely catching up to her. It was my turn to feel smug. "Oh really, Chim Chim?" He seemed taken aback being put in that position. His face was ruddy from the drink and his already low eyes were barely visible. "Th-thats b-because me and noona are close. B-but, Ill call you noona too if you want." "Nah, it makes me feel old." "You can call Yoongi, oppa if you want," Namjoon laughingly suggested. Yoongi shot him a glare that I wouldn't want to be on the end of. "What does oppa mean, Yoongi," she asked. He stopped plotting to kill Namjoon to look at Fay with a softer look. There was a slight tinge of red to his cheeks now as he looked away and rubbed the back of his head. "Um… it means-" "It's like," Namjoon cut him off, "It's like when you call a guy daddy… in bed." He was giggling again until Yoongi reached around Fay and smacked him in the back of the head. "Ah, hyung!" "Do you… want me to call you oppa, Yoongi?" When Fay gets drunk, she has no filter whatsoever and usually gets herself into embarrassing situations that make her want to die from mortification when she remembers it the next day. Everyone in the circle, even the undergrad girls whose names I learned during the course of our drinking: Cassie and Hyejin, were waiting for the answer. Yoongi seemed to finally notice that all eyes were on him and looked back at Fay. "I think Fay needs to get some air." Then, he stood up and helped Fay up leading her out of the room. Of course, the mature adults we are let out a collective 'Ooooooooh!' as they left. "My man," exclaimed Namjoon. "Well, I guess this game is over," said Jimin looking pointedly at me. "Does my Chim Chim need some air too," I asked. "If you want to call it that." "And we've got another one," said Namjoon, "Cassie, lets go dance." The girls along with Taehyung and Namjoon left the room to join the party out front. Jimin waited a moment before saying anything. "Noona… that dress…" "What about it?" "Did you wear that for me?" "Maybe." He scooted closer, putting his hand on my knee rubbing circles with his palm. I sunk my teeth into the soft flesh of my lips. "Noona… when you bite your lip like that it makes me want to kiss you." "Well, you do it all the time." "Does it make you want to kiss me too?" "What do you think?" I closed the gap between us taking his bottom lip into my mouth, lightly nipping it. He groaned into my mouth, his hand beginning to travel higher up my leg. Likewise, my hand was going down his chest and down his stomach. He gasped into my mouth as my hand cupped the bulge in his jeans. "Yah! Park Jimin, you have your own room! Go there!" Taehyung had burst in the room making us break apart. He disappeared back into the crowd leaving his advice to wear protection. "Taehyung is such a cock block," I mumbled. "Well, lets continue this in my room." "Hold on, let me text Fay and make sure she's alright." I got out my phone and sent a quick message asking where she was before following Jimin to his room next door.
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No problem, I forgot because I had all of this boring adult stuff to do this week. I'm just glad I got it in before 11 lol