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GOTW: Pentagon

Hello! Its Melissa from GOTW. We are featuring Pentagon as our group of the week. We already introduced the members and their profiles. Now let's to a look on how they began. Before their official debut, they were on a program called 'Pentagon Maker'. We will viewing these episodes.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4 These are the episodes that are subbed. If you want to watch more of Pentagon maker, you can find it in YouTube. credited to owners.
We are viewing a mix of Pentagon's behind the scenes backstage and 'what's on cube'. credited to owners, found these videos on YouTube. I hope you enjoyed viewing these videos with me. I feel that I've gotten to know the members of Pentagon a little more. What about you?
Pentagon!!! I love these boys!
@resavalencia Wow! Thats awesome! I bet it's a good album. It's ok to look at cuties 😉
exactly, lol 😁
I just got their signed album yesterday, it's really good! They are so cute (and young!! 😭😉)
I may or may not be completely stuck on Pentagon lately
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