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He's an angel
Look at this dork
He's such an amazing leader and rapper. I truly believe that if people actually gave him a chance, they would love all of his qualities.
I've read some pretty nasty things about Nam-joon and it makes me so upset because most of those "fans" just appreciate looks, I hope this give him a chance in the near future.
Well if those "fans" appreciate looks, they must be blind. Because not only is he cute, sexy, handsome, etc. But he is very smart and he tries his best to memorize the dances. He also choose BTS over him going solo. Showing he loves BTS. But not only BTS but also ARMY. He talks in Korean then in English, so us international fans can understand.
Namjoon does a lot of things not for himself. That is what make him stand out. He is very humble, Verry Humble. I love this man to the moon and back.
Oh, he is adorable....and so sweet.
I seriously don't understand how anyone wouldn't fall head over heels for this guy. The first time he opened his mouth, I was done for. I didn't see what he looked like till later, and WOW! Dimples to die for. He is smart, good looking, talented, successful, what is there to hate?