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Ello!!! Its a little bit later tonight but its finally up! lol this was just to entertaining of a scene with the guys I just had to do it!
Keri view**" Over the next few days I locked myself in my house and wrote as much as I could. I wanted to get most of the ideas running around in my head out. Each night Yoongi would come over and spend the night. I talked to Layla once or twice but each time she was with her boyfriend. After telling her about going away for a few days she said when I got back to call and maybe set up a double date so I could meet her boyfriend Tao. I agreed thinking it would be fun and something out of the ordinary. I was starting to do things I never had gotten an opportunity to do before. It all started after I met Yoongi. When Friday came it was the day that me and Yoongi were going on our trip. I packed my bag thinking of how cold it would be there in the winter. I went to the studio so that we could both say bye to the rest of the guys. I walked into a room with each one of them turning to me with a glare. "Why do you all look mad at me?" I asked stopping in the doorway. "Your going without me" Tae stated. "I want to go on a trip with you and everyone" kooki said. "Your not allowed to join the mile high club" Namjoon said. My eyes popped at that. "You won't be able to stop us" Yoongi chuckled. "I can empty out your pockets and wallet" Namjoon glared. "Psst, I'll sneak you a few" Jimin told yoongi behind his hand. "What's a mile high club?" I asked. The two guys looked at me wide eyed. "You don't know?" Jimin questioned. I couldn't hide my laughter at that point. I burst out laughing. How naive did they think I was? I wrote romance books for a living. "I think she knows" Jin commented. "You do know she writes smut for a living right?" Yoongi asked "I do not!" I exclaimed which made the boys stop glaring and look at me shocked. "Keri!" Tae said shocked which only made Yoongi laugh more. "I do not! I write romance novels" I defended myself "Yes I've read a couple. Its smut baby. You have so many-" I cut him off before he could say it. "Okay okay they don't need to know what's in a romance novel" I said loudly. "Well now I'm curious" kooki said breaking a silence that was starting to form. "Me too. What kind of scenes we talking about yoongi?" Jimin asked. "Let's just say, girl porn" Yoongi said licking his lips as he stared at me. It made my insides twist. "Porn? Hmm I like porn" Jimin said. "Jimin! You don't say that in front of a girl" Jin said slapping the back of his head lightly. Jimin rubbed his head. "Yoongi started it" Jimin accused. "Noo Namjoon started it" Yoongi pointed to Namjoon before he got his head smacked. "Keri started it!" Namjoon pointed to me. What was this the whose to blame game? How did I start it? I walked into the room. "Nuh huh! You brought up mile high club!" Tae said. "Well Jimin brought up condoms!" Namjoon shot out. "Yoongi brought up girl porn first!" Jimim said next. "You said you like porn!" Yoongi said. "I get my porn from Namjoon. Blame him' Jimin pointed to Namjoon. "Yah! You watch my porn!" Namjoon shouted. "We all do!" Jimin shot back. "he has the real thing!" Namjoon pointed at Yoongi. "you want to vary it up with reading about sex?" Yoongi questioned. "its Keri's fault for writing girl porn" Namjoon said. Jin wacked him on the back of the head for that. "don't blame my girlfriend cause you can't get any" Yoongi shot out. "Don't bring up girl porn!" Namjoon said. "Don't bring up the mile high club" Yoongi said. I really just wanted to get a box of chocolate and watch this play out. It was entertaining, granted the topic was a little out of the norm. The three of them went around in circles a couple more times before Jin just smacked them all on the back of the head and told them to quit it. "Eomma your stopping the show" Tae said standing next to me watching. "Its going to continue until they repeated everything that was said again" Jin stated. "Hmm, but its different when they say it" I pouted. "Keri no. No" Jin tsked at me. "I won't. I won't" I held up my hands trying not to laugh. "Good" he nodded his head. "Now you two be good on your trip and use protection, the right way!!" He added making Yoongi and me laugh. The guys knew they couldn't go off to the airport with us so they said their goodbyes to us and sent us on our way. When we got on the plane I was happy to see we had gotten first class, I had never been in first class. The seats were bigger and more spread apart but since it was still just a small plane there was no meal and not as luxurious as I'd seen in some pictures I had looked up. "So have you flown on a plane before?" Yoongi Asked after we got settled into our seats. "Of course, I have been traveling before" I said startle by the question. "Ever been in first class?" He asked "No" I sighed. "Its my first time up in this section" I told him. He grabbed ahold of my hand and held onto it. "Well there is a good thing about first class" he leaned in a little closer. "The bathroom is closer and not many people use it up here" he whispered in my ear. "Hmm I wonder if you would be interested in assisting me in some research for my next book" I grinned devilishly at him. "And what would this next book be about?" His voice was gravely. I leaned in to whisper into his ear now. "About a flight attendant who has multiple affairs, the majority of her needs are met while on the plane" I said very delicately trying to mask my words. "Why, is this you wanting to experiment with the mile high club?" He whispered back to me. "Hmm" I licked my lips
lol sorry no smut scene. idk why I could write this while bored at work, but um smut. that just felt weird to do.
I lovvvvve how they all talk freely about sex and porn with her there in the room! it's open and funny all at once! wishing them a blissful trip ^^~
OH GOD I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING.....so the next chapter ( I know I'm behind just bare with me here), they do the dance with no pants in the bathroom on the plane but then TURBULENCE!!!
lol omo it a took me a moment to get that line dance with no pants 😂 oh lol but Turbulence now I thinking got7 😂
love it! I was dying of laughter as I read it! I'm ok with no smut but that's up to you.
😂😂 Oh my god the boys, they're such idiots but it was so damn funny, but good eomma Jin gotta keep the maknae pure and golden. Also oh snaps Keri is getting a little kinky like dang girlll on a plane. I wish I had her confidence, I'd blush just thinking about it.
Too funny. Trying not to laugh too loud at my desk.
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