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Hi all I'm back with another game. But here's the scenario first...It will be story style with your help along the way.

I stormed into your room sick and tired of hearing the break up music you have been playing for the last four months. I go to your stereo and unplug it from the wall and twirl it in my hand. "That's it (y/n), I am tired of this music, your sad face, and depressing wardrobe. It's time you live again and I have the perfect plan." My eyes light up but you just glare. "No! No way, Veronica. I am not going on a blindate." "Oh yes you are. B.I. and I will set you up with one of his friends and go on a double date with us." "No, I'm not going out with a member of ikon." "Seriously, (y/n), what do you take me for. We are not going to have another disaster like we did with Chanwoo. So be ready tomorrow at 8 and dress warmly." I smile at you and grin and text B.I. about who I think he should come with us from Winner. He will definitely make you smile and laugh once more. I exit your room well you glare at me, and huff and puff under your breath. You give me the silent treatment to the rest of the night and the better part the next day. I smile to see you have followed my instructions to dress warmly. I smile as I open the door to B.I. I smirk as I see the attraction in your eyes light up but you quickly hide it behind do your facade.

who is at the door? In order to find out puck a door and comment it down below and I'll tag you in the next card which will be the results at 11 pm on Sunday...but don't worry you will have another choice to make at that time.

Door 1

Door 2

Door 3

Door 4

Door 5

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Door 1
I basically want all five doors. 😍 But I guess I have to choose... number 5!💖 (Followed by 1, 4, 3 and 2)😎
one please! 😆
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