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Ep 14&15 Spoiler from DC (the original post was deleted in one minute, so no direct source) 1. JW regains his memory, however, JW and GS avoid EACH OTHER for a while (GS because of her fear of hurting JW, but JW's reason for avoiding GS unknown, ); 2. JW and GS go to the restaurant they've been to 3. GS goes to see Ms Gao again. 4. There will be kiss scene, not sure which episode. Cr.Soompi
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and here's the raw ep... part 1 and 2.. ...http://www.asyadizi.com/good-doctor-15-bolum-izle.html
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Thank you, you the best!!! C:
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you're welcome...^^ enjoy... :)
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No spoiler for ep.16 and 17?
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haven't seen any yet...
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